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  1. Don't have time Friday or not on the list. KiinGxJoKeR
  2. For the next super event, mmmm, a girafe. Very cool girafe with many color. 5/60 upgrades ''not too good'', with 10-20-30-40 Hero, 10-20-30-40 Towers :P. Soo, good August Event !!
  3. I like the idea :P. Rain or reed is pretty nice.
  4. Monk Wrech is very good for range ;)
  5. I can my name is KiinGxJoKeR. I'm a french canadien. I can talk english too.
  6. PSN=KiinGxJoKeR Friday. I can't saturday or sunday.
  7. Alright, very good idea. I am excited to the event. Good job. ;)
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