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  1. Cool, I'll just read the entire message board. Thanks!
  2. So... I haven't payed much attention to news about DunDef II. Can anyone tell me if ANY of the complaints about the original game have been specifically addressed by Trendy? I'm speaking of things similar to those brought up in the link in the first post.
  3. A steam dev said it was bad usage of the steam api. Trendy never bothered to change it. Trendy never bothered to fix a LOT of stuff.
  4. Good call on the Steam issues, guys. I NEVER played in online games unless my friends had sworn to join me. You just couldn't play online in the hopes that someone would come play, because you never knew when Steam would come along and disconnect you FROM YOURSELF. More things a new developer needs to learn, and hopefully it catches on.
  5. Would it be even better game design if I got to where I am in just 10 hours? Its not exactly that cut and dry but other then that I agree with you, I hate the fact that buffed minion walls, gas, and aura stacks at each crystal is the only way to win. I also hate the RNG and think it should be fixed and I absolutely loved DD vanilla. That being said, I kinda do like the fact that even 2100 hours later, there is still room for improvement. I do want a game that has the potential to keep me busy for a long time but yes, I don't want to farm lab assault for 4-5 hours just to get one piece of ultimate that sucks. Fine. If you can do that to my reasoning, then I can do it to yours. So the game design would be even better in your eyes if it took you 105,000 hours, then? Think of the $/hr value! It's not about HOW long it takes. It's about WHY it takes that long. DunDef takes a long time to get somewhere for all the wrong reasons. It's a lot easier to increase game length by slowing down progress instead of designing content.
  6. I can't speak for him, but I imagine he'd feel the same as me about a lot of those questions: Some people just aren't a fan of the random-loot styled games in general, and that's up to them. I can be, I've surely logged enough time in the Borderlands series and then Dungeon Defenders to prove it. But I think there's a line between random loot and wasted time, and Dungeon Defenders crossed it. Hard. And if you don't play a lot of random-loot games in general, and then play the original Dungeon Defenders, I can see how you'd swear off RNG games for good after that. The reason for less-stat focused thinking was due to the fact that strategy very nearly completely broke down in Nightmare Mode. Aura stacks, Minion Walls, spend the rest on harpoons/traps, lather-rinse-repeat. When that was nearly the only way to win, the game became ONLY about stats. Easy-Insane had the perfect balance of all the gameplay elements that DunDef was pulling in, so if you're curious about what he wants in gameplay, start new characters and play from beginning to the end of Insane Glitterhelm. The game absolutely SANG it was so well-made. The gameplay was addicting, for sure, but that doesn't mean it was good, or fun. I'm not going to tell you how to spend your time, but if you had gotten to where you are currently in the game in 500 hours instead of 2100... would you argue with me if I told you that was a sign of better game design?
  7. See... that's kind of what worries me. Anyone who actually PLAYED DunDef as just a standard customer HAS to be able to see the logic there, right? And yet... those exact same issues were raised to Trendy over and over and over and over and over and over and over as most of the DLC was coming out and Trendy didn't do a THING about what the letter says. So... while I believe it's OH SO OBVIOUS that the open letter is right... the points it raises have been ignored before.
  8. A guy I know and used to play a little DunDef with wrote an open letter to Trendy about his experiences with the first game. Some people may remember me, I used to deposit an awful lot of snarky comments in these forums back in the day. I played the original for... jeez... 1011 hours, according to Steam. Wow... that's... that was too many hours on one game. Anyway, I think the open letter is pretty much spot on across the board. The bigger DunDef got, the less put-together it seemed, and I think it caused a number of problems brought up here. So, give it a read. I would honestly REALLY like to hear some thoughts from Trendy about real solutions to the problems with the first game brought up here, but I would settle for a little community dialog. (PS - towards the end, the letter contains a link to an OOOOOLLLLD thread I made containing a challenge for the devs/testers of DunDef. If I could offer one piece of advice to them now about making the sequel, it would be to actually undertake that little dare and see what they learn.) http://www.meltedjoystick.com/gaming_blog_story.php?id=341
  9. You'll have to give a little more details about what you've got for characters and stuff before much advice will roll in. What are your builders and DPS? Are you always trying to beat it by yourself, or just having bad luck with random players?
  10. I almost find it insulting to the farmers of the game that spent hundereds/thousands of hours to get what they got when you can now rack up on Supreme gear or higher in a simple 5 minute assault run. I saw my son getting pets with ridiculous stats easily. It feels cheap. Lab Assault is the new farm it appears. This is psychotic. I've said it before on this forum, but attitudes like this are not only what nearly ruined this game, but are also like being mad at people that got the Polio vaccine because you "survived Polio that hard way". Why are you mad that others don't have to suffer? No one is sorry that you're apparently less special now. I suggest tying your sense of accomplishment to an assessment of what YOU did instead of how it compares to others in an altered system. Maybe he feels insulted that it hasn't been this way, and all the time he's wasted so far. Then it's his freakin' fault. Farming that gear was a waste of time, and it was stupid to do it. It was a waste of time BEFORE the system changed with the Lab. Just because it's easier now doesn't mean it wasn't stupidly broken to begin with. You get no credit for getting tricked into banging your head into that wall. The fact of the matter is that the game is better for having easier access to decent loot. That someone feels upset because people can do in 500 hours what he did in 1200 is an indictment on him, not the game.
  11. http://kotaku.com/investigation-a-video-game-studio-from-hell-511872642 My guess is that when this fire gets put out we MIGHT have a chance at seeing the DLC.
  12. On Nightmare... but not Hardcore. Using all items WE farmed OURSELVES. Nothing bought or hacked. Game clock: 999 hours. At least I got a decent Greatsword out of it.
  13. You've already made the call on what to do by spending those first upgrades. If it's a DPS weapon, ALL BASE WEAPON DAMAGE, and it's not really even debateable. You don't care about any other stat on that piece of equipment. This holds true for pretty much any DPS character's weapon. Let your other items boost your other stats, you only have one chance to upgrade weapon damage, and this is it. If it's a builder piece, then you'll want to put a little thought into it.
  14. 900 hours from 0 to 2.5k (one year ago) and 500 hours from 2.5k to 5k (last six months). Yeah... thought so. I use only self-found gear and all my builders have 5k stats. So it's not that hard. I find those two quotes contradictory. Maybe that's just me, though.
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