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  1. My favorite memory of Dungeon Defenders was making friends that I still talk to even 7 years later. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197990563784
  2. My problem with Hamachi is not that it's hard to install. It's the ultimate lag I hate to deal with. And that Hamachi keeps pushing down the amount of people you can have in a single network to make you buy a Managed account. I actually might have had bought one if they didn't push people so much.
  3. I hate typing on this keyboard. Only got 78 WPM. If I remember, I'll try when I get home. This is a horrible laptop.
  4. Lastly, the best drop I ever had on Moraggo, unreachable, not with portals either. I blame my archers for shooting that copter ogre up there. Next time you get an unreachable item, never give up. There is not the drop I have not recovered if it really meant that much to me.
  5. Because Treyarch and Activision is all about ethics/morale, right?
  6. thanks I figured off topic + rng. Any one know a reliable RNG? Dont wanna hit a trojan that slips past my security . www.random.org I use this RNG almost daily to decide my fates (what to eat for dinner, should I/should I not, for example) and haven't had any trouble with it. Just put the number 2 in "minimum" and the number of posts in "maximum". As written on the page itself, the generated values are 100% random, and even if you don't believe in that, just close your eyes and hit the "generate" button three times or something. Works every time.
  7. Sure, if they make blockers to prevent items from falling into the river and stuff, it might work. I'm totally aware that more tavern stuff won't be added, but I like your idea.
  8. I don't think word would fit into the subtitles, to be honest. I like Teh_Sneeze's "Surprise!" suggestion though.
  9. Why don't make SMGs which can be used at same time in two hands?) Too much coding to be done, but it could be possible if done correctly. It has been suggested before, of course.
  10. Dual Wieldable weapons confirmed!
  11. Another big game that caught me back then was Yoshi's Story, and with Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire. Never had any Pokon games, unfortunately :/
  12. What's on the first picture? I can see a reflection beam and some minions. And perhaps a giraffe/turtle on a treadmill.
  13. I miss the good, old Spyro games. Called my first cat Spyro. And Super Mario 64. Took me six years to complete the game 100%, mainly because I had a break lasting 5 years. It also gave me hydrophobia.
  14. how do you earn it in open? (sorry to keep on the de-rail) also, free bump :) Beat the Anniversary event map and you'll get one.
  15. I like the idea, however, not for 20$. And a Home defense map sounds fun! There's Tavern Defense if you want to protect the tavern. Unfortunately, it goes a bit beyond the interior, but still...
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