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  1. I second this!!! I can confirm for some reason it only hits 3 times!!!! but, actually if you face the dummy and then turn to the left you do get the fourth hit but i dont think thats how its suppose to be i mean im not gonna walk up to an enemy and turn slightly to the left just to get the 4th hit >.> its annoying...
  2. In order to unlock nightmare more for all levels you must first beat the campaign mission so to unlock nightmare survival on all maps you have to beat all the maps on nightmare
  3. No thank you ice for the streams its been fun hope to see more in the future P.S. thank you for the giveaway ^_^ and thanks to all that donated the items
  4. you have to beat the crystalline dimension which is only unlocked after beating all 4 shards maps
  5. The achievement is as follows: Mythical Real Time Strategist Completed the Campaign and 3 Eternia Shards Missions only using summoned minions and Overlord mode for your entire team, except for the Final Wave... on Nightmare! Does that mean you cant have pets do any DPS also? or what are the limitation on what you can and cant do? does anyone know? Any info is appreciated please and thank you!
  6. Ill probably raise him a few levels probably do half a glitter run depends when he unlocks all his skills and then do some campaign to get used to him and mess around then max lvl then gear him not looking forward to a pub match though there will probably summoners in every game :P
  7. I propose making a challenge that only allows certain heroes/towers. This came to me after reading a post saying how some towers are never used and although i do find this true perhaps this challenge may bring fun ways to use those towers i would imagine this as a new challenge to try new builds for old maps using different towers and try to spice things up a bit
  8. Did a run today and i got this check it out :) http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/558690430774961306/D800FC9C54FFA531F5E12EDAF28A9C411EE2547D/ so yes im going to have to stand by my statement
  9. the best stat stick for hunt ive seen are the everflame of nautilus its the reward for beating riddle of the deep cahllenge on NM. Ive only done it twice but both times i got them with two tower stats at about 380 almost 400 as for apprentice cant help you there :/ havent found one myself
  10. My Plank entry: http://steamcommunity.com/id/reiseater/screenshot/558690302559985541
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