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  1. my buddy has one but doesnt play anymore & i think he deleted the game
  2. PRUCH

    Ps3 Stuff for trade

    Ohh and what are the stats on the shaitan send me an inv and ill show you
  3. Willing to buy it have lots of 100-200^ stuff too trade for one
  4. PRUCH

    Ps3 Stuff for trade

    Shaitan of a thousand winds. 166^ for 74 Generic pet (Looks like peter Griffon) with 107^ for 90 Soul focuser with 88^ for 83 already prepatched so its 20/88^ projectile is @ 102878.. Blasticus 114^ for 90 PSN = PRUCH message me if you have any questions or if you want to do some map runs
  5. Hey Tito i was wondering when would we be contacted about being a host i submitted the forum a while ago bud.
  6. how can i contact her?
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