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  1. i cant find probertys srry is there a video to show me howDo you play on Steam? If so try the following. 1. Click "Property" from pop up menu for "Dungeon defenders" 2. In "General" tab, Click "Set Launch options" 3. Add "-tcp" Also make sure you don't have a firewall/anti-virus that maybe blocking the connection to port 7777.
  2. the title says it all i play on a mac please help
  3. because i have from people on dungeon defender there over now because there no more pets and theres been no sing up sheet and people are saying there not going to do it un till the patch comes so just want to know whats going on not trying to sound picky and greeding just want to know thank have a great day
  4. Flameing-Phoenix psn lets have fun out there
  5. becasue it just turned 5:45 he and already missed 2 invites i thought event started at 6:00 because i just got of work at my new job 15 mimutes ago so yay my event host is coolwaters and after 2 invites you cant do the event i live in bend oregon so are time might have a huge diffrents psn is Flameing-Phoenix if you can please answer my question thank you
  6. thank you for all your help god bless all of u i think
  7. Though watever,you can get for it it's probably duplicated, so no worries no i meant i wanted to trade mine from the event
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