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  1. Yep, I was suggesting getting rid of build mode entirely there..as I said, I mainly play barbarian so the reasoning is pretty selfish.. as I said, the build phases are boring for us barbs..:P
  2. First off, I'm sorry if this has been suggested before. I don't feel like looking through the entire forum to double check. (I'm lazy, sue me) How about an "Endless wave" challenge or modifier that gets rid of the build phase entirely? My main is a barbarian, I hate sitting and twiddling my thumbs when I could be killing stuff.. :D
  3. My barb has 6k Health, I use hit and run tactics, siphon stance and I do pretty well. Even if my dps is only 15K at 71st. I've gone toe to toe with an ogre with 1.5M health and won the fight at full health. the key is knowing when to run.
  4. Make surre the game is not set private...
  5. if you're really bored you can do what I do.. alt tab out and dink around and check back every few minutes.
  6. I'm pretty sure the "stop selling traps" before he booted me would indicate he thought I was selling traps.. :P forgot to add that, sorry.
  7. 010010010110011000100000011110010110111101110101001000000110001101100001011011100010000001110010011001010110000101100100001000000111010001101000011010010111001100100000011110010110111101110101001001110111001001100101001000000110111101100010011101100110100101101111011101010111001101101100011110010010000001100001001000000110011101100101011001010110101100101110
  8. Ok, I did have ONE experience I'd qualify as bad.. As a barb my build phases are pretty boring so I generally waste mana upgrading and repairing other people's towers... you know,making myself useful because I"m going to generally have a lot of mana once I get to killing.. Had someone think I was selling and boot me before I could even explain. that was pretty obnoxious, but still.. one time out of many..
  9. I think at this point "towers" Is a generic term for "summoned thing."
  10. I haven't been able to equip any weapon, but I haven't specifically tried either... *humms* I just assumed that was to balance out the two pets.
  11. I didn't put as much into cast time as damage and range... I generally cast between rounds. but that's just the style I adapted too.. and it is good to have a high cast time... dunno really seems to me like a personal pref thing.
  12. IF you could summon four minions for a modest mana cost why would you summon anything else?
  13. 2 is you friend, it's much easier to micromanage with the overhead view. Also make sure they're not in offensive mode.. they tend to wander far and not come back then.
  14. mytzlplk Random name, I totally swear.. but it was so cool I had to keep it.
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