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  1. I might try to run some maps with you guys, but at the moment I will be away for a few hours. When I am back I'll add you guys to play with if I have the time. I have gotten a few pieces from the first wave of spires. Hopefully I will be able to do decent if I at least continue to do that.
  2. I wasn't doing nightmare on my own until I had close to the 1k stat range. I think you're main problems is that your gear just isn't good enough. If you want I can run you through some nightmare levels. Just add me on steam and shoot me a message. ID in sig Is there anyway to do it without getting geared by someone else? If there isn't really then I might hit you up on it.
  3. Your doing Nightmare with those stats? Solo? I have to break in some how Changed some stuff around and I pulled together 200/400/220/300
  4. Anyone ideas on dealing with dijnn?
  5. I can't stand these things. Since moving into nightmare any sort of build that I have a used in the other mode just gets trashed by spiders. I am using a 74 squire with 160/370/200/280. I also have a monk, huntress, and summoner in the low 70s, but I feel I don't have the time to use them very much. The only map I have really tried so far is Spires to farm the first wave. Each time I complete that wave I get pretty wrecked by everything that gets thrown at me. Any suggestions for different possible maps?
  6. I got the DLC and have a few characters into the 70s (not 74 yet) and I am able to clear everything on the regular campaign pretty easily on insane. I decided to try to do Mistymire on hard to see what the DLC is like. I honestly cannot even beat it on hard for the life of me. Are the eternia shard maps a lot harder compared to the regular maps? Should I get to 74 and progress a little into NM with better gear before going into eternia maps?
  7. I bought the complete pack and whenever I try to play Mistymire Forest I get set back to the custom game screen. This happens on any difficulty, but I haven't tried other shard maps. Regular campaign maps work fine.
  8. Towers have the stats of the builder and not whatever character is active (but there is a active builder bonus not sure of %) And Seriously buy ev she is soooo worth it and turn her into a wallet putting all stats into tower hp Make a squire builder which you will want to focus mostly on tower attack and tower speed Then make an aura monk focusing mostly on tower range and tower hp This should be enough to get into nightmare after which you will want a trapstress a boost monk and a dps charecter You might also want to invest a tenner in the shards pack as it adds a lot of content Oh
  9. I highly recommend you get the series EV. Also, level 1-2 character of each class, one for DPS, the other for tower(or one tower of each and a dps monk). For the EV, if you one day get to real high stats(which you probably will), you should have 2, one for walls and one for buff-beams and reflection beams. I recommend to lvl a tower squire first, they are the most viable. start on medium deeper well until you get the harpoon, then do insane deeper well to 15-20. After, proceed through the campaign. The next good lvling point is ramparts hard hardcore, insane if you can. At that point you sh
  10. If needed you can add me on steam. fragmaster922011. I dont have a problem lending a hand to new players. Couldn't find you. I remember hearing something about having 4 players in a game messing something up, but not sure if I am just making it up.
  11. I take it you've looked at the guides section either here or the DD wiki? Anyway: Newbs - if you're starting the game from scratch, I recommend either beginning with a squire or apprentice. It may be worth trying to make them tower orientated to give yourself an easier time, or making sure you have enough tower stats at least anyway. And I'd start on either easy or medium modes for difficulty. If you want to gear up a monk or a huntress, I suggest playing with other people or having either a squire or apprentice to back them up. Asides from that, well, I'm sure you can learn for yourself!
  12. There is a ton of information on here about map builds and all that good stuff, but being a newbie and just starting the game I am kind of lost as to what I should be working towards for higher levels, like what stats I should put in to each character and different possible builds for them. Is there also a clan/team that focuses on things like this for newbies? I would love to play with other people and learn the game together, or even with good players that are willing to teach others. My last question is on the DLC. What DLC is worth getting and should I bother with it until I have got
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