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  1. kicking happens all the time, i joined a game with 83 mage they let me stay on 2nd wave i change to my 82 huntress and got kicked kicking hapens all the time dont let it annoy you remember you could host your own game and kick people
  2. try it with 2 people 1 person watch the back and 1 at the front the person at front have a shia hulud and have a animus/ laser robot with good damge on both players
  3. i dont believe that we will have the portal in our taverns it will probably just be in mision list
  4. ive had a 105^ from medium 1st playthrough but havent had anything higher since
  5. the best one ive had was a 109^ on easy on my 2nd go the highest ive had and hard/insane is 96^ but drops are random do 8 runs in 2 day and my highest was 68^ for 83 all others were below 40^
  6. some of the resons you get kicked are your level, wepons,armour ect.... i do hate it when you join a game and get kicked instantly even if there is no one else in the lobby i do kick people myself mainly if they are afk, selling towers, or not helping in the game
  7. 3:59 is impossible to get even if every thing died as soon as it got out the door it still would not be that fast add the fact that there was 3 controlles that time is a lie or glitched show us profe then we will believe it
  8. the best way to farm is to do mistymire on pure strategy (no spiders) What you want to do is block of each chock point with spike blockades and harpons and harpons for the wyverns depending on what difficulty you do it on you may need to use aruas aswell but its good to try out a few random build on easy/medium until you find find one that work for you and your chacaters
  9. the highest i have had was a 78^ with very low base and bad starting stats
  10. the patch for xbox has been sent to microsot but the patch for ps3 is still being worked on hopefully will find out in the next digest
  11. i have been looking over the forums and read that console will not recive new wepons in shards4 is this for both ps3 and xbox?
  12. i froze 11 times in 1 day and never done moraggo or the dlc maps was xp grinding with a friend and was freezing every 2-4 games
  13. i have been looking on the forums and could not find a release date for skycity on console has a release date been set? and also when will the new console patch be released?
  14. why does console need 315 million to be 83 and pc only need 150 million this should be change it takes hours of grinding to get a 83 character on console were as pc are able to get more xp as they have nightmare this should be changed as if the level cap is increaseing for console next patch its going to be a nigthmare to level
  15. ive had terrible luck done nearly 50 games getting mostly under 50^ but keep trying and you will get somethink good i got a 140 crysknife which is my 1st high upgrade wepon try playing with differnt people as i find my self that i get good wepons with one person then can do 10 runs with someone elso and get terrible
  16. i had platinumed this game long before any of the patches came out and got a 44^ chicken now i see the people have 120+^ chickens it would be great if the people the earnt them before patch were able to get another one, i never use my chicken as the stats are not very good and doesn't do much damage so would love to get a new one
  17. i have done moraggo about 50+ times on insane and hard with 2 controlles and have only ever had 3 100^ upgrade wepons but they have all been terrible. its starting to get very frustrating as when invite friends the get 100^ 70% of the time, is there away to increase the drop of better wepons or am i just very unlucky?
  18. get rid of the f-ing bull**** of upgrading ur wepons or pet past a certain point turns it into a minus stat just pot a cap on how high each stat can go i done this with a 165 cryseknife pot all on damage and when got over about +120 tower damage it changed to - 80 wtf this also happened to a friend with a 131 giraffe and a 181 cryse knife i think it absalotly perfetic that you spend the time getting the items and upgrading for them to then end up being useless if you agree coment and hopefully if will be fix
  19. myself and many people i know like the challenge of getting every acheivements/trophy in games so it would be great if in the next shards dlc there will be more acheivemnts for not only that dlc but all other shard dlc's aswell if there is a way to put some more acheivements in the the game it would make us want to replay some of the older dlc maps again giving us a new challenge.
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