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  1. I'm pretty much in the same boat, and most of the people I used to play with don't even play anymore.. I guess I'll pick up the new Star Wars MMO afterall
  2. Ok, I posted too soon! Spiders despawn EVENTUALLY ;)
  3. I was doing some NM hardcore and spiders just stop doing anything if you die it seems.. don't despawn or seek out towers
  4. Was helping a friend do the original UMF map, and a ninja got stuck with 4 minutes and some change left in the last wave.. we eventually ran out of time without it ever despawning. Anyone else having similar problems?
  5. http://steamcommunity.com/id/ophidiann/screenshot/595831519791931297
  6. Could have spent the last 5 days playing the game and nothing in your old shop would be missed at this point anyway..
  7. I'd really like some clarification to the no respawn line.. trying to withhold judgement until I know exactly wtf they are saying there ;)
  8. Ok.. fully exited steam, logged back in didn't work, closed down DD and 'verify local game cache' seems to have fixed it
  9. I bought the 9.75 bundle, but I can't access nightmare this morning.. was able to last night
  10. yea, the items that dropped during the waves and from the chests were all awful.. the boss fight was EPIC!! SO MUCH FUN, took quite a while to kill him
  11. Just did Nightmare Alchemy labs with 4 people.. I got a 34^ Mythical Plate Chest, one got a 17^ Mythical Plate Boot (amazing base stats), other got a 129^ Spinal Column and last person got an 80^ Spinal Column.. my rapier had 31 ups
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