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  1. I'm game just be prepared for the blind fury of my dumb luck! PSN: triazadone
  2. Spotlight to Twin Method!! Wonderful, professional host. Thank you so much.
  3. PSN: triazadone Preferably friday but alternate of sunday
  4. Its known that if you've built towers and you leave or are disconnected that the towers are weakened severely right? Want to say that their effectiveness is reduced by 30% Trendy already thought of this, its also a fail safe to losing connection if you get the builder back in the game and they bring the characters that built back in individually the towers are restored to full strength.
  5. Ha well its a long list at this point but might as well. PSN: triazadone
  6. PSN: triazadone Friday Added note I messed up last time and accidentally had the "t" caps'd it is a lowercase sorry bout that.
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