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  1. i have a steam saw that has 370^ and does 135k dmg and i have a eternia greatsword with 392^ that only does 132k dmg surley eternia weapons are better......or have i just ran CD the hardest thing in the game to find out it has crap rewards..... is the daamage scaling right or is my greatsword bugged?
  2. hi i just feel sad when i read that people are leaving DD, and i here trendy are realesing DLC until the end of the year then thats it :(, yes the game stil sorta has problems (RNG) but is stil fun to play. so im askin for trendy to make more story based dlc, after the end game movie you leave it wide open for more content, so why is there all this talk of it dying out and maybe DD2. just add to what you have, make new taverns in those areas were the purple shiny light in the sky is. get the community to throw ideas around for story dlc im pretty sure there is still loyal players and i can
  3. I just made it past this point last night. I started trying the guide posted here but never could succeed. I replaced a couple ogres with archers and on the hot points added two mages and patrolled the south with my less than adequate dps monk. I barely squeaked by. I really think vs. solo this portion would be much much easier with a solid partner. yeh i think im using the same layout as you as it is the only one on the forums, thanks 4 the tip i shall try it
  4. i used a build from the forums and can easily get to the mage area, but i cant seem to get past it, i would just like to see how other people take on that part so i can try new things thanks
  5. its down for me and my friend
  6. I really wish you were wrong and we could get rid of the jerks! Alas you are not. We just need to do our best to deal with them by NOT buying from them. Except that they are there and bear with it. wish i was wrong to dude wish there was a button we could press when in their shop that scans all their items realizes there hacked n then poof, vac, trendy and ip banned lol i jus feel sorry for the legit people who dont know they have hacked gear
  7. and as IceArrow said only way to keep them out of buisness is not to buy from them, but its like everygame, people always want a shortcut to success, and these guys provide it and the stupid balloons that buy from them are really wasting there own money, coz in the end what use is a weapon you may end up changing for a better one? plus you wont always play this game forever so its money down the drain, my only worry is because these guys are hacking items that look legit, someone could buy them, them sell them on for mana in game and you are they guy who gets caught not knowing you have a hac
  8. it wont stop them, they just make new accounts and do it all over again, iv seen the same person with they same name but diffrent account just ignore them and dont buy anything from them, be careful with shops, and if a shop sells for money and people buy things from them, both partys will get banned. ino people who jus hack for themselves and private match so they think the cant get caught. cheating seems to be a big thing now for people. its like the cheat cartledge for pokemon. if people want to cheat let them, they will aventually be caught, just dont get involved with them like my friend
  9. thanks 4 the replies guys, and yes saburo that is exactly my point lol
  10. has anyone came across good propeller cats? e.g above 300 in most stats if so could u post pics if possible i jus got another cat with 4negs and 100+stats im sick getting to wave 24 nmhc to recieve a crap pet, for something you have to go threw waves apon waves to get to wave 24 you would atleast think it would have 300-400+ stats most of the time aquanos gives you a seahores on wave 20 that is usually a great drop, i have a seahores with 3 400stats in hero stats. yet getting to wave 24 on sky city seems to give me cats with 200 or less stats with 3-5 negs :/ its really peeing me off
  11. I've update the OP with my solution to the farming problem Here it is Obviously, this would make getting the rewards a bit easier, so to fix this, if you don't start at wave 1, the reward quality would be a lot lower, maybe change the rewards quality to the next difficulty. So playing on Nightmareand starting on a different plane, would get you a insane reward instead of Nightmare. This would prevent people farming the best rewards. Do you think this would solve the problem? Oh, I also got a reply from Hit, he said that he has passed this onto the Dev team. Hopefully something comes fro
  12. i agree with this, i have ran CD 13times and got killed everytime by the boss :( spending an hour to get to him to be slapped off like a wet fish is no fun :/, no matter how hard i try to dodge
  13. Even Supreme Guardians are theoretically impossible to generate legitimately. Required quality: 84000 Value of a guardian with 495 in all 8 hero stat slots, 100 boost, 100 range, +1 towers boosted and 254 upgrades: around 83300 (Varies slightly per guardian because they each store their boost in a different stat, which gets different multipliers... but still not enough) Remember that extra upgrades above 254 are rolled after quality is set, so a Transcendent Guardian that spawns with those stats and gets +70 ups from being Transcendent doesn't retroactively qualify for Supreme or Ultimate
  14. thanks for the replies, i think there are only 2 pets types you can get in boss rush and palantair, guardians only reward from shipwreck but thanks anyway :)
  15. hi i was just curious about guardian pets, i have come across, trans guardians on shipwreck, but is it possible to find supreme and ultimate guardians? or am i just wasting my time farming trying to find one?
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