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  1. Thats good for you. I am constantly selling and replacing because of not seeing where the towers are going when im close to a wall. And that’s horrendous on mastery maps that your not aloud to sell them. So yes. To me, and im sure a lot of other ppl, its a big issue.
  2. Agreed!!! I don’t know how many times I’ve seen ppl asking for this including myself. Trendy just ignores it though. I haven’t seen them respond to one single post about this major issue. They had it on ps3 for DD1. The camera controls on DD1 were perfect, i dunno why they crapped out the ps4 version
  3. Couldnt agree more. Bring DD1 to ps4 . Id way rather have that back then DD2. They literally took almost every single thing away from DD2 that made DD1 so damn amazing. No private taverns with trophies and gear on display. Waaaaay better loot system. Way better stat system. Way better camera functions. Way better art and graphic style. Way better level designs and architecture. Way better modes. You cant even choose you’re base color for your charecter in this game. Sure you can customize your charecters. If you wanna spend $40+ dollars on each n every character. Total rip off! Give us DD1 back!!!
  4. Frame rate and load time is the only issues ive ever really had with this game performance wise. My download speed is 150 Mbps. Upload is 20 Mbps im pretty sure. Wired connection. Ontario, Canada A better camera control that allows you to swing the camera around the character like in DD1 would make my game play a lot better, more so then the frame rate to be honest. That is more annoying to me then a low frame rate here n there
  5. I agree with the first post. i actually cant stand the whole "deck". I regularly use more then 4 characters on builds n it drives me nuts having to switch the entire deck twice and then again to get my dps back. Like first post said. It should be multiple decks. A setup of buttons to switch decks and a setup of buttons to switch characters of current deck. That would be the only possible way the whole "deck" thing wouldnt suck
  6. How hard is it to give us back the exact same camera functionality of DD1? You could stand in one spot and look at your character 360 degrees. Left stick was move character right stick was to swing the camera any angle you wanted. Camera locking is only worth having as an option at best for a game like this.
  7. Nope. They had that in DD1 but they left it out in DD2. Why? We will never know... Just like all the other stuff they left out for no reason from DD1
  8. Yes we need the exact same camera functions as DD1. I don't know how many times I've been frustrated trying to put defence down but cant move the camera because its stuck behind the hero. You cant even look at your character from the front to see how cool you look with new gear n costumes. Bring back the same camera controls from DD1 please!!! I dont know why they ever would have changed it or left it out.
  9. The question is why didn't i get the same passives in shards as were ripped away from me after crazy hours of playing to get those passives. The rest i just realized how pissed I was at this game while i was typing and figured im done. Nothing in this game matters anymore. No item is special. Everything is just skins and its only about shards now. And the lag and rubber banding has gotten so much worse.... I would give away all my *** cuz im done with this game but oh yah wait. They never gave us trading either. Just another thing that they had right in DD1 and failed to incorporate into DD2
  10. Why in the F is it that you removed all of the special legendary passives from everything thus making everything identical with different skins, And then give me 20 shards that are only common and uncommon ..... Im soooooo done with this game. The least you guys could have done is give us the same amount of legendary shards as the ones you've so rudely taken away from my hundreds of hours of playing. Good job on the update but you've screwed me and im done. So long DD. Its been a hell of a ride
  11. I have 16 characters and they all need ascension points to get even more crazy powerful. Theres endless amounts of playing still to be had. Without losing everything i already worked so hard for. But go right ahead and delete your characters since your such a smart person
  12. Yah no thanks. 100s of hours wiped cuz you want a new start? Delete your characters then
  13. Yup. Yet another massive thing that was in DD1 that they left out of this game. I just want them to remaster the first one for ps4. Or even port it over. Id never play DD2 again if i could have DD1 on my ps4
  14. Sorry that firmware isnt even out yet. Its only for beta testers at the moment which im not interested in. I will have to wait for 4.50's official release to let you know
  15. Oh really? Siiiick. Gunna check it out. Thanks for the info. Ill let you know if i notice a differ
  16. I have the pro and i havent noticed anything smoother or quicker in any game at all
  17. Dont see how it matters if you cant play. But as far as i know.. Nope. Neither does xp spheres. Not that that matters rither since every new character cant even equip them
  18. I hate thise stupid as hell steam rollers. Soooooooooo dumb. They drop garbage loot if any and they are insanely over powered. I have 12 characters ranging from 715 to 740 and it takes me forever to kill one of those. Garbage idea. Take it away from the game!
  19. Well also you gotta think of what happened with DD1 which never even left beta lol. I wouldnt hold my breath on the "final" update that puts it out of beta. The games fun but fails hard in comparison to how amazing the first DD was.
  20. You save up defender medals from playing and doing missions and buy them with the defender medals.
  21. Yah you cant use the costumes you bought unless you already have the characters. I wish that pack was all the characters lol.
  22. Or my 245 shai hulud!! They really need to keep moving back towards DD 1 style of things. it was simple and addictive and soooo fun. Even the being able to change the colors on your heros was epic. Id rather have that back then all these crazy overpriced skins.
  23. I hope we get a maraggo remake on the ps4. Miss the challenge also
  24. You guys that are whining do realise that ppl have to trade high end items to get high end items right? What makes you think everyone will be running around with perfect gear? Lets say i wanted a certain piece of gear for a certain character that starts at 750. And someone has the exact piece im looking for. I will need to farm my but off to get that 750 item. WITH or WITHOUT trading. Because i would have to be farming for the item i want for myself but also farming for the item that the person wants in in the trade if i dont have wjat they want. and then there will be the ppl that normally would stop playing the game because its such a grind and dont have time to play, but maybe a nice person hooks them up with some gear they really need and that gets them playing the game and staying instead of jumping ship. Trading was a huge life force that helped DD1 go as long and well as it did. Not to mention how much more traffic started flowing through the forums by adding the trading section to the forum. the only ppl that have any legitimate reasoning whatsoever about not having trading is the whole duping problem from DD1. But if ppl cant dupe this time around then youd be dumb not to have it in the game. Stop whining about nothing. When this function comes out DD2 will be better then ever.
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