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  1. I have one and the only time I use it is on morrago but that's it and it just stays in my tavern. I got mines from a friend that was quitting the game and he pretty much gave me all his stuff(how sweet of him) lol but I had many ppl come in my tavern with sodas and mines never disappear.
  2. There will be some diehard fans around even though other games are going to come out your still going to come back and play this game and I know I will. This kinda grown on me since I got back from the the desert so I'm not going nowhere and I can't wait to see what's in store for us in the future.
  3. I had fun on my first event with my friend tiny with my host drifter it was an fun event that experience coming back from Afghanistan. It was fun throughout to the last with the grand finale and JK was awesome host but good things do come to an end so thanks again guys and gals for the countless hours spent hosting these events. Much love from the US Army to the civilians.
  4. Event was fun and thanx to my host Coolwaters and my WWE triple tag team partners Heer29 and Poopshart we all have fun. Thanx to the team who made this event happen. Much kudos :D:D
  5. Nope sorry cap we look all over sky city and still no CD I don't know what's goin on
  6. We didn't find the CD portal on sky city we look unless u gotta be it on insane and I read that u still don't get it I'm lost lol
  7. Also 1 more thing you do get an item but it will not show up at the screen where is normally does if you beat a map but it will automatically b in your inventory because I have got some items that were garbage so after you beat it check your inventory
  8. Yes we play sky city with 3 people and we didn't lag and we all beat it on medium and for the rest of the dlc we all beat it on medium just to try it out and we still do not have the crystalline dimensions so I don't know what is the problem has anyone else play the crystalline dimensions because we looked all over in sky city like hit said and we still did not find it and we also looked into tavern and there was nothing so I don't know what's going on so is someone have played it please let me know thanks
  9. Yes I was having the same problem we were lagging with 4 people on sky city on medium and this happen to us twice only did I beat it on easy with 1 other person that I beat it on sky city on easy yes we were still lagging which I don't understand why but oh well but I have 1 quick question has anybody play the crystalline dimension yet because I was wondering if you have to beat all the DLC on 1 difficulty or you can beat it on any difficulty to play the crystalline dimensions but other than that insane + is crazy and the boss rush on insane is crazy too
  10. There is still freezing issues on sky city we put it on medium and froze twice on us with four ppl.
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