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  1. SID: nonofthatk http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198038512990/
  2. Specifically for the real time strategist achievement. do you have to beat it on insane and nm or just nm to get both?
  3. eagle one has it right myth=74 trans=78 supreme=83 ult=90 ult(high quality)=93 ult+=100 ult++=100
  4. I do believe mm increases armor quality. My understanding is that MM increases all quality except for rewards, like kobs/giraffes/seahorses/wave15 pets.
  5. I can verify that aquanos does in-fact drop sup/ultimate armor.
  6. Here are some of the things that effect your ability to get good armor (not necessarily effecting the quality of armor) Some maps have a higher ground capacity for items. Some maps have a higher creep count. There are several very very difficult maps that all drop very good armor in survival (palantir, WW, akatiti, KG) lets just focus on those for now even though there are some other maps that can also drop ulti+/++ armor pretty easily like TD, karathiki, or TMC. The only things that effect the quality of the armor is MM, HC, NM, and map difficulty. Period. However, you can effectively get more armor on maps that have higher ground capacity and creep count simply because it rolls the RNG more often with more creeps. You've probably heard this before, but KG is definitley your best map for armor, because compared to other maps like WW, akatiti, palantir, and CD Kg will be the easiest to farm and it has a really high ground capacity and creep count. Also, KG drops end-teir armor regular enough to be very sufficient. I usually get at least 1 ulti and 1 sup per run with about 2-7 trans per wave.
  7. ah. Thanks. Well that really ****in blows. This kry has 600 hero damage, 585 ability2 and 375 upgrades. Oh well back to farming. I suppose I can pool all those ups into hero damage and use it as a stat stick. ulti++ gear goes to 999 I believe.
  8. it does not matter between weapons vs. armor. MM and HC both increase drop potential about the same each. (25% or so I've heard) MM ALSO increases the end reward for things like kobs, rocks, and skeletons. I suggest always farming with MM if you can.
  9. only 15 runs?? I've done probably 160 runs and only gotten about 4 ulti+/++ weapons. I suggest keep farming
  10. I recently had a fantastic run on sky city nmhcmm survival and got a wonderful ulti++ monk wrench and sono blaster. But back to the issue. My sonoblaster althought otherwise fantastic is stuck at clip size 1. I tried putting a few upgrades into it and it still remains at 1. Is this a common issue? Any info would be great.
  11. It's my understanding that items despawning is based value. (lowest value despawn first) Trans and above teirs will not despawn. The item capacity on the ground varies depending on the map. If anybody with more info has any corrections please go right ahead.
  12. Is playing splitscreen legal? If so Can somebody link a good guide? I've searched around a little but but failed to find one that is successful.
  13. It's a simple case of supply and demand and it's not an "absurd economy" The Simple drive for this economy is getting better gear. The best pet in the game is a diamond and it costs 88 coal. Since everybody wants 88 coal, the demand for coal in the market is pretty high. On top of that some people want several diamonds for all of their swapins. So the average player is probably shooting for hundreds of coals. This drives the demand up even MORE. Lastly farming perfect kobolds can be done very easily on pure strat or insane NMHc. Any ****wit with 1.5-2.3k damage stats can do it. The population of people who can farm kobolds easily is considerably high, where the percentage of people who can farm coal is considerably lower. I'de say 5-15% of the players in this entire community are even capable of farming coals solo.(*warning* random made up statistic) Considering all of those factors, the answer is very simple. Coals are low in supply and high in demand while kobolds are relatively higher in supply for the demand that exists.
  14. It's probably only negative in insane mode because the tavern dummies are all set to insane mode. He's probably doing closer to 250m-280m dps in nightmare mode. which I must say is still pretty ****ing good.
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