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  1. Honestly... I don't like it. With the pay to play, have to use the Internet type deal kinda makes me think that they're trying to drive themselves into the ground... But then again, I'm just a ps fan lol
  2. I can show you my build if your still looking i can solo it with 1 afk with my current build, if i remember right i was one of the first people to finish it on insane plus and my build hasn't changed That would be great! I don't play with anyone anymore so solo is all I do. That'll be great! May I add you once I get home? So in like an hour? And dragcon, if Kiss's build doesn't work out for me, could you show me yours?
  3. Hey, I'm wondering if anyone could be kind enough to show me a build for moraggo insane+. I'm tired of running insane so yea. If anyone could show me a build, that would be great!
  4. This video was so good.. I went to see more of that person's poems.I wanna find more but that one I can't deal with without almost crying
  5. I found it very sad but really good... So I thought I'd share it with you guys... http://youtu.be/ltun92DfnPY
  6. Interesting was a bit harsh, and I understand why ninelives would like to share his frustration, but those "I quit because xxxxx (random reason)"/ '"I'm back" / "I quit again" posts are a bit tiresome, not only on the Trendy forums, but in all forums in the whole world. Probably in the whole galaxy too.Nah, interesting is just a complete ******* ;P
  7. I'll miss you D:< Lol, I'll still be on DD. next week hit me up? I'm gonna be power leveling all week x.x which helps that I have early release all week^_^ well besides today and Friday:/
  8. My gear is still in tact, just lost most of my builders is all xD
  9. NineLives so you got the old Starfox eh :) Anyways sad to hear man good luck in your future endeavors and hopefully someday you can pick the game up again Or just go to PC watch the twitch and get the game on PC its a lot better no corruptions and all Lol I'm trying to get a pc so I can switch... And it wasn't that bad... Just lost a few characters is all... I thought it was a corruption to where I lost my gear... I'm using my brother's characters at the moment to get back some of the levels I lost. Not quitting yet:P
  10. It's been a good run, but a corruption ends it. Hope everyone has a good run. See you guys on another game hopefully I might try to pick the game up in a few weeks
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