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  1. The TE are not the ones that will be blamed for nothing LOL
  2. Hi alemarvel, I am on Xbox 360 and I will help level you up no problem! My tag is Caesarinvictus1 and I don't mod or cheat so you don't have to worry about that. Send me a message and friend request. I have my own build for Glitterhelm that works on insane all the time even solo. However, you do need a monk for auras and a traptress helps.
  3. Who said I don't like all characters in the game? An awfully big assumption there. Guess this thread really just proves my point. This community is all about making it easier rather than harder and more properly balanced. Oh well, nothing you can do about people who want wins handed to them rather than earning it. Just reminds me of the Soda's Addiction incident. Sad really. I still have no idea what your huntress with 13k PS has to do with this, clearly this "nerf" we are talking about is for high end weapons etc. Did you even read my post? My low level Shai makes the game harder
  4. I have put over 1500+ hours into the game from the time it was released and in my opinion TE need to fix more important issues in the games coding errors. In my opinion your insinuation about my age and intelligence is a joke and there is no need to make things simple for me as I am not a child and I know how to play the game. I don't need to make the script bold to make my point! At the end of the day we don't have the same opinion, but unlike you I like all the characters in the game. Certain people on this site feel like their word is gospel and in my opinion that is far from the
  5. I have put over 1500+ hours in the game and in my opinion TE need to fix more important issues in the games coding errors. There is no need to make things simple as I am not a child. At the end of the day we don't have the same opinion, but unlike you I like all the characters in the game.
  6. Very interesting indeed. All those of you who complain about the game being too easy and that they want nightmare are being hypocrites. I hope the nerf this into the ground. If Trendy nerf the Huntress then they should also nerf the Apprentice as he is way overpowered too. Just because you hate the Huntress class you want to make her rubbish? I use my Traptress and she does 3,700 per shot and 14,000 PS why should that be nerfed???? If you do not like the Huntress do not use her simple as that. Stop being a hater and let TE fix the real problems with the game. Trendy put the wepons
  7. Sigh... Most levels I have personally seen on xbox is 116... Some day I hope to see 150+ for myself...... Sigh... Some day.... It's all random, but keep farming and you will get the wepons you want!!! I found a Shai Hulud with 145^ and it required a level 74 to use it. I gave it to my Traptress because it had no reload bonus:huntress:
  8. I believe it will be to do with how easy the game could be abused, such as saving throwing everything down, then reloading, ...duping is not cool....it would cause lots of problems! Yes, that makes sense but from what I have read on the forum pages it has not stopped duping on the consoles, so in the end legit gamers lose out when they get corrupted game saves. Don't get me wrong I think TE had to do something to try and stop it from happening. Anyway when my friend lost his game save I set up an offline tavern and I kept some armor, pets and wepons there in case something went wrong with
  9. So you are saying that 90% of people who lost mana and items but not Hero levels are cheats? I lost all my items and mana three weeks ago and I kept my Hero levels. I got a message that DLC content had been removed and then a second message that was the data corruption one. This happened after I downloaded the Aquanos DLC from Xbox live. I play 100% legit and I would never cheat in any game. Where did you get your information about corrupted game files, was it from TE or is this just your opinion? Dungeon Defenders is a great game that has lots of problems that need to be fixed and TE
  10. cant you copy your save onto a usb? :/ No sorry you can't save DD to a stick and cloud does not sync with your original data and it also corrupts at the same time anyway. I do not know if TE are to blame for no USB saves or not. perhaps someone from TE will give us an answer???
  11. well they just told me to copy the save to as many devices as possible she said when she plays games she stores her data on atleast 5-10 devices but ill just be going with usb and cloud EDIT: i kind of worded that wrong :L i just ment i now know how to have a backup :P didnt mean i know a better way then anyone else :P Sorry but Microsoft are full of it, as you can't copy your DD profile save to a memory stick, also cloud is no good as it does not sync with the original save. Even if it did cloud corrupts at the same time as your original DD save. The DLC content is the main reason pe
  12. I'm not sure I agree that I should have been random, but the original purpose of the chicken was to be a trophy of your accomplishment. If we made it the best pet in the game, from a design perspective, it would encourage people who aren't completionists to complete all of the accomplishments simply to have the best pet. It's original purpose was to be something you achieved for your time, not something you grinded for to help you beat the game. Are you my lost Chicken pet then??? yes I think you are as you work for TE. No more broken DLC please as one lost chicken will end up on the KFC m
  13. If you email [email]lostheroes@trendyent.com[/email] they will help you out with some items to help get you back to where you were faster. Thats great you reply to this post but you did not advise me to email TE. When I lost everything about two weeks ago I left a post on Technical support and I got no recommendation from anyone who worked for TE. You guys at TE make me so angry because you just do not know how to use PR to help benifit your company or fans of Dungeon Defenders.::demon::demon: FIx Things!!!!!
  14. too late 4 me, lost all my stuff yesterday -_- Sorry to here that. As far as I am concerned data corruption is inevitable on both consoles and it does not matter how careful you are when you save your game. In my opinion there might be a coding error in the new Aquanos DLC, as a few days ago I got a message that DLC content had been removed. Then I got a data corruption message and lost everything. This only happened after I had downloaded the new DLC. I had made an offline tavern on XBox that had some old items left in it and this helped in a small way. I have posted in Technical S
  15. Xbox 360 save corruptedSo once again my save game got corrupted ... Is there any way to get my stuff back or a am i just screwed again ...? Finally done assault on insane yesterday and got a nice blasticus... And now EVERYTHING is gone ... Again ... I lost everything in my item box and tavern. Before this happened I got a message that DLC content had been removed and then a file corruption message. Before anyone says I did not save my game in the correct way I always wait for the spinning icon to finish before I end a game. This is a Trendy issue and I think that ETS 3 is the problem.
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