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  1. i think this is a good idea because it splits up the community to two. 1: casual gamers 2:serious gamers if the casual gamers what to upgrade/level their gaming experience then they should buy the dlc.. :D
  2. Known scammer/dupper sticky? Won't happen ever.. Lol coz you can't call out names in the forums.. Sorry bro.. I'm just sayin
  3. Haha Nice you guys deserve a well rested break! events are awsome and even though i switched to pc i still like participating in ps3 events cause it brings me back and the people there are amazing ;D keep up the good work ^^ (might come back when that patch comes out) This^ hehehe and yea google docs is the way to go.. And about selling event items got me really curious.. Can't wait For the announcement.. :)
  4. Well done good sir.. If you guys follow the step there's no risk at all.. It's just a matter of focusing on what you're doing.. :)
  5. Please be patient. Your host will invite you soon. Yessir! No probs..
  6. anyone from xnoxonex's group go yet today? I'm still waiting for an invite from him..
  7. What are you trading it for? It intrigues me lol.. :)
  8. Technically and sadly yes..
  9. Lol.. Happened to me.. Like 5 times already.. Used my apprentice for giraffe run and froze on wave 25 and 30 more monsters to go.. Lol I never learn.. Hehehe
  10. You shouldn't leave your tavern unlocks just like you wouldn't leave your house or car unlocked. Lol.. Never leave your house unlock.. Unless you live in Canada.. ;)
  11. [video=youtube_share;YSXUR9vO2RM]http://youtu.be/YSXUR9vO2RM[/video] she needs water!!! c'mon.... :D what you gonna say about that classic.. hahahah :D
  12. D Wayne


    I use mine in morrago as long as I defend on the bottom of the map... I have an over-sized weapon so I jump and slash.. Lol ;)
  13. Yo.. Drifter the invite didn't work for some reason, can I get another invite pls?
  14. I have personally tried -private hosting -public rooms -randoms -randoms w/ mismatched armor -randoms w/ mismatched armor and low lvl -full set of lucky armor and come to find out...its all just random I heard about that lucky armour stuff.. I was thinking of trying it but I guess it doesn't work then.. Hahah
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