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  1. i was dead. free fly mode. dont have a pic, ill try to take one if i see it again. i just watched helplessly and my mages were blown apart one by one. x.x
  2. So after running city without noticing an issue once i went to run it a second time. The second time round my build was identical but choppers and their god forsaken rockets seemed to have "learned" from prior failures. Where i had my reflect beams the prior run that were quite effective were proving no longer effective. I couldnt figure out how since my build was identical until i caught one of the little F***ers in the act. He was hovering there shooting his rockets and my minions behind the reflect wall...and the rockets were angling UNDER the beam. They were actually avoiding my reflect beam totally by using that 1 inch gap under a reflect beam. Seriously trendy? even reflect beams wont work? How are we supposed to deal with chopper rockets. -rageface-
  3. Thank You! It is not fun losing on 29 nmhc mm sky because of a lost buff beam from djinn wall hacks. Btw, all of the great loot falls off the map... which is almost a waste playing that map sometimes, maybe fix this as well? THIS. sky city is so frustrating with its really subpar loot from loss. perhaps making any loot that would fall off a cliff reappear on the nearest available ledge? The design of the level makes a TON of mobs hover off the edges of north and south crystal. zero loot possibility.
  4. my genie gives me about 300-350 or somethin in that range. hard to tell with all the mob mana flying into me at the same time. its at 9823 base damage. i was just wondering if its would be worth it for me to get a genie with more ups to increase his base damage for more mana. i use him for purely upgrading and the more mana i can get and the faster, the easier a time i have and the sooner i can switch to my seahorse. better genie yes/no?
  5. What is the maximum amount of mana a genie or djinnlet can give you at a time? also, can the animation of the genie be sped up at all to give mana more frequently? Basically i want to know what is required on a genie to get the maximum amount of mana per hero hit which the shortest interval between animations possible for greatest mana gain.
  6. i had something similar to the first problem. Go into your steam games library list. right click on dungeon defenders. select "properties" from the bottom of the list. Then click the "local files" tab. under that tab select "verify integrity of game cache". it will take a bit of time to verify and then probably download some files that it couldnt verify if you have the same problem i had. if so, that fixed it right up for me. good luck!
  7. so being able to two shot characters with max resists from outside aura range while being completely immune to melee based characters is intended? seems a little....odd...to me.
  8. Ive noticed that if the goblin helicopter is hovering far outside a strength drain aura where its safe and launches its homing missiles INTO a strength drain aura, those missiles are not weakened by the aura. This has caused me to be 2 shot (with 90% resist in nightmare mode) by golden copters hiding outside my auras. Because of a combination of flares and low priority on copters they sit there for ages since i cant reach them from land, just shooting away freely destroying anything and everything. Is this WAI? If not i think missiles in a strength drain aura should definitely become subject to the weakening effect and/or increase the priority of copters for turret fire so they dont just hover way out in the sky immune to harm. TLDR: goblin copter missiles not weakened in aura if copter that shot them is outside aura. working as intented or bug?
  9. so i need a build for aqua MM. i can clear NMHC no problem but the build i use for that just doesnt cut it in MM. I dont have a mage and my traptress was built for gas/darkness (low dmg stat). here is what i have for other characters: Countess: 3554 dmg 3224 rate trapper: 2k hp 700dmg 2300 radius 2700 rate EV (buffer and waller): 3800hp 3200 dmg 1500range 500 rate aura monk: 1800 hp 3500 dmg 2100 radius 2400 rate summoner: 2700hp 2800 dmg 1300 range 1600 rate and i have a solid dps monk with 2.5k+ attack and solid boosts with a STS So my biggest hangup seems to be having no mage or damage trapper. Is there a build for me?
  10. I just recently became able to do aquanos survival wave 30 and im pretty happy about it but id like to try my hand at other survivals. It would be great to be able to do talay but other than that all i know of for high end survival is city or karithiki? Ive never done either of those so i need builds. Here are my stats. countess 3300 twr attack 3000 tower rate EV (i use 1 for both buff and walls) 3453 twr hp 2500 tower dmg trapper (only ever used gas and/or dark so his stats are low) 1500 hp 650 dmg 1750 range 2300 rate aura monk (really need better gear) 1300 hp 2900 dmg 1800 range 1800 rate summoner - have one leveled but not geared worth beans yet. stats around 1500-2000 on hp dmg rate and range are so low id rather not say :D Any tips would be appreciated and as far as builds go im terrible at going off an image to try and figure it out. If there is anyone who wouldnt mind taking some time to show me a build (if my stats can handle it) that would be awesome. Thanks!
  11. I was wondering what the hard caps, if any, are on monk auras. Also what is the best numbers to go for on tower stats? Without knowing hard caps 2000 to everything but dmg which goes as high s you can get it. any info is appreciated.
  12. So i have a full set of builders that i can get into the 20's for waves on aquanos survival. Now i would like to make a dps character. I have heard ranged monk is amazing but im also curious about dps squires for the block acting as walls and being able to tank ogres and sharks with block if it gets dicey during a wave just to give the poons a chance to catch up. Im not really fond of huntress so id like to avoid it unless she really is the BEST choice for a dps char. I also dont want a dps mage. Any suggestions, input, or thoerycrafting would be much appreciated!
  13. so i found a sword with soso stats on it for dmg tower stats hp etc. but the block rate is 798%. Is this worth keeping for any fights? Or is there no point in good block stat alone.
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