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  1. Nice going Kampfschaf! :) Anyways, here is my map from the opposite angle this time: Assets have been completed, and now I'm just doing pathing and tweaking spawn values. :P
  2. Here's what I've got thus far, though, it's almost finished. All of the environment assets have been created from scratch. I wanted to challenge myself, so I created everything for the level environment. :P
  3. Day of the Tentacle was another good game. I recommend for someone who hasn't played either to pick them both up on eBay. Heck, you can get the awesomeness of both in one case.
  4. Ball of string, wack'a'max, tunnel of love, crazy mirror spinny thing You, my dear sir, are officially the coolest person I've ever met on a forum! :D I have that game on my android phone using an emulator. I freaking love it to death!
  5. Loved the original, love these ones =] Aye, you know the original Sam & Max? If so, you are like, my hero. Very few people know of the original, and that was the greatest game of my childhood.
  6. I know TellTale Games has some pretty kick butt adventure games, if you guys are into that genre. Heck, if you at least want to check it out, you can download a free game episode of Sam and Max(Sam & Max: Abe Lincoln Must Die!). It's also available through Steam. I highly recommend checking it out. It might be the next best way to spend a couple of hours playing games this week. Cheers!
  7. why talk about my mother? Do you feel it would some how hurt my feelings, my pride? Same to you. Why mention shopping for my mothers candles? If I do something good for my mother, why poke at me for it? How do you know my mother doesn't have cancer and that I buy candles for her because she can't get out of the house to smell the different scents of nature anymore? Just some food for thought. I'm out. Cheers!
  8. I'm still trying to figure out what the topic of this thread has to do with it's contents? It kind of sounds like a scented candle thread from the title alone. Just saying.
  9. I wouldn't worry about having the same exact version as Trendy. As long as you have an updated UDK version, you're probably running something very similar to what the guys over here have. That being said, just focus on learning the functionality of UDK and you'll be set. Another great resource for tutorials is Hourences. That's where I learned almost all I know about how to operate unreal. And of course, as Danford suggested 3D Buzz. They have some really great resources as well. I wish you the best on your journey. Cheers! :)
  10. Aug 2010. I think he has been here to long to be one of the killerbeez You are correct. I'm not one of the killerbeez. However, I am possessive of my co-workers when it comes to my speech. I wasn't in this video, because the day it was filmed I wasn't at the office, sadly. :(
  11. Pretty much the same concept of the "What you're listening to:" thread, but only for games. I think this would work much better than just having one thread dedicated to what we're playing at the moment, as it varies based on month, and we can actually discuss new games we've been able to purchase and whatnot. So let me begin. This month, I've been playing: Sam & Max: Hit the Road(using SCUMMVM and my old DOS based CD. Yeah, old school!) Bioshock 2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Age of Empires 3 And I'm looking forward to playing Team Fortress 2 for the first time. It's been free for over a week, and I still have yet to sit down an play it. I fail. So what are you guys playing this month, and/or what are you looking forward to playing?
  12. We give out fictional Stars (like in Mario Party). Whoever has the most stars (from all the games we play, or moronic activities we do) gets the championship belt. Nowadays the belt is also fictional :) I really need to win that fictional belt too, the next time we play. I'm getting tired of holding my fictional pants up. :P
  13. Let's do it again guys. Sousa Favorites Bioshock Soundtrack - Garry Schyman What will be delighting your ears this month guys?
  14. I play games from the Call of Duty series, and Bioshock.
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