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  1. SID: Falktreyu http://steamcommunity.com/id/zapsong/
  2. I, personally, have never found a vanilla-DLC weapon, however there are weapons that are just plain rare.... examples: gauntlets other than High Five's, saw shields, photon guns or whatever they're called (kobold dousers/SODA), and I'm sure I forgot some. But my money is on that they only drop on PC.
  3. Yep, I am basically stuck with AC 3 lol But I'll come back eventually...
  4. Hahaha there you go, good lad! Goodnight xD
  5. Try nowSaaame, it should work like this http://www.facebook.com/erik.shelton.92 Or at least that's how it works for me xD
  6. Mine should work :)Actually no lol, it boots me to my homepage xD However if you delete everything past the "?", it does work :)
  7. I miss mai hair :( Guys lol, I haven't seen a single facebook photo work xD 1- Get photobucket 2- Upload pic 3- Post link 4- ???? 5- Profit
  8. ps+ isn't the only answer you can also get an external hard drive and backup your whole ps3 which includes your save data, i deleted a lv 83 character twice and had to start over and came close to quitting, then i started backing my data up onto an external hard drive, and have accidently deleted my characters (lv 90 & 87) 3 times, but was able to restore them.I thought that was only possible on Xbox...
  9. Well sadly for you, other sites usually lie. As far as word from Trendy, I don't think there ever was talk of achievements. Costumes, extra characters and accessories will not be coming to consoles. And in that same note, Sky City and Crystalline Dimension's weapons and items are not coming either (not the pet either).
  10. Wait so if u use hasta s recurve , kobold or soda the boss doesnt teleport , how is that even possible?No, the Hastat's doesn't work. Or at least it didn't before the patch.
  11. Lol yeah that clears up nothing xD If you have a larger image than that, upload it to photobucket or imgshare or something like that, then try again.
  12. PC can do that!?Yeah, I think you have to start at a certain wave in order to be able to get the pet reward... but they can definitely start higher than the 8th wave.
  13. 128 should get bumped to 160. So if you have anything higher than 128 it will go negative.
  14. Hmm for Apprentice I would say the Spirit Champion Mageblade, from Monsterfest on hard. But it's a rather annoying map to farm, so you should upgrade to an Oculus as soon as possible. But then again App's towers are not all that great xD And for Huntress, Crystal Tracker from Warping Core in insane. And then either a Shai Hulud or a Shaitan.
  15. For monks, that would be the Ogre's Childhood Toy. You get it from Unlikely Allies in insane
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