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  1. Do you feel like the hacking issue has gotten worse lately? It has. I am trying to rid my last cubes on items, then see where I stand. With (name omitted), the hackers have taken the game and run with it. I haven't done a run in a long time sadly, esp with my second laptop away for repairs. Thus, I cannot do survival and campaign at the same time anymore. As soon as my hand heals I am going to break out Dota 2 and have starfox show me how to play so I can get ready for DD2. If you want someone to help out, I have migrated back to dota 2 already. I'm always up to play!
  2. Bootsie

    Item Check Thread

    Got this in a trade. Possible?
  3. Bootsie

    Item Check Thread

    Can I get these checked. They are ones that I'm looking at buying. [ATTACH=CONFIG]233[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]234[/ATTACH]
  4. Bootsie

    Item Check Thread

    looking at possibly buying this stat stick for my jester. Any input would be nice :) [ATTACH=CONFIG]205[/ATTACH]
  5. ahahahahah I second that Heer you've outdone yourself very nice. xD LOL! This has to be the second best thread ever (second only to the find a cuter pic thread) This is a bunny.. (\_/) ( '_') (> )>o I was going to give you this cookie U U ...(\_/) ...('_' ) o<( <) But then I was like... ....U U .(\__/) .(O.O) .(>o<) IT'S MY COOKIE!!! ..U U (\_/) ( '_') (> )>o Then i said sharing is caring.... U U ...(\_/) ...('_' ) o<( <) But then I was like... 'Sharing is caring....' But... ...U U .(\__/) .(O.O) .(>o<) I LIKE COOKIES!!! ..U U (\_/) (^_^) (> <) So then I ate it...sorry This thread is amazing! I have not seen this bunneh one before. I will have to use this sometime in the near future! Om nom nom cookie =D Again Selah, you always seem to make me laugh on the forums.
  6. LOL ahh, I gotcha.. xD Oh my. Well the friend who walks their cat sounds kind of cool, if I had a hamster I think I would take him for walks. But I don't want a hamster I want a bunny >: ( Seleh, you always make me laugh when I read your posts. And my sister walks her rabbits around on a leach. It's quite amusing. =D
  7. I still join random groups bc all my friends have quit dungeon defenders and running solo aqua with 3 afk, gets tiring after so many runs. This is unfortunately making dd become boring since it's just me and random groups to play with...oh well that's beside the point... This is something that I've noticed recently with nm lobbies. I've been kicked after building. Also, I've seen other good builders kicked when I joined, since I have all 3k+ builders. It makes me want to leave when that happens; because I know the 2.5k builder that was there, was plenty for whatever they wanted to run. I've started to fix the issue of being kicked for a build. I'll just tell the group to come to my lobby and I'll build for them. Not the other way around. Most of the time people will join and then there are no issues. The only time I'll build is if I see some lowbies doing an insane survival match or something trying to find better gear/level, I'll hop in and offer if they want me to build. Whenever I've offered rather then been asked, I've not gotten kicked. I will agree that insane groups are more than happy for you to build and will not kick, it's mostly nm lobbies.
  8. That's ok :) Trying to find a bug in my code while writing that post; ended up with me not thinking about what could happen if it went the wrong way. Still this should be posted in the suggestions spot at this point.
  9. This could be abused too. Not for gain, more for just malice. Build a game and then leave just to waste everyone's time. You might be wondering who would do this, but it's probably the same people who jump into your game and start selling your defenses before you can kick them. Best way would simply be "Leave/Disconnect = Defenses Stay, Kicked = Defenses go". Lol in my next post, I said that this could happen and agreed with it being a bad idea that I had. I also agreed with the same concept that you are proposing. It would be easy to implement and is safe from trolls.
  10. Bootsie you don't actually need such a box. Actually it would make it possible to troll people. Simply set up defenses, wait for the wave to start and then leave so they wipe. In all honestly, removing stuff if someone gets kicked would most likely be enough to discourage this behavior while allowing other people to help out, build and leave afterwards if they don't want to stay. i can see that happening actually. People could easily troll other by leaving. It would have to be visible to all or have some sort of lock on it. That's getting quite tricky to implement then. So yea, just having it defaulted to always on would be an easier method.
  11. No Flagging Other Users: Do NOT name another user for breaking any forum rule OR for misconduct within Dungeon Defenders itself. Under no circumstance should a user's actions or behaviors be called out in a derogatory fashion in any part of our forums. We can't expose the people who did that fulano. Even tho I have a list of ppl that I will not help bc of it. I have all 3k builders and have basically given up helping other people when they post "builder needed". I would just rather solo aqua and know that I can get items/pets than be kicked. When my build can hold 3akf controllers as well...it's frustrating to see people kick everyone and then farm the build. There are people who needed it and it's helped, but recently it's been getting worse. EDIT: And yea having an option (check-box) that each person has to check saying "if I leave, take towers with me" would fix this issue. Then builders wouldn't have to worry about this. This allows people to come build and then leave to do something else, but still protects builders who stay and help out.
  12. Your link does not work, so here is one that will. =D http://ddplanner.com/?l=8218,laborytory-nm-survival-hc-mm-startwave-13 EDIT: this should be in the 'PC/Console Guides' section I believe
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