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  1. Wow just wow!!, up until now I have been proactive about changes/nerfs. I launched Dundef after I arrived from work hoping to unwind with some fun. Steam came up with an update for dundef .A patch omg! I thought to myself and first thing that came through my head was oh no!! What did they bleep up now. *note *this being the first time i ever had negative thoughts after an update. GG on how 7.15 does not contain the update news after the game updates on steam. I guess it must be valve right ? Ninja move already they're known for that. My game experience changed from moderate to pleasant
  2. Well, according to him, he hit level 74 before 7.13b when they increased the amount of XP needed to level. He was fine until he respecced today when it reset his lvl back to 72, but because he had already equipped the items when he was 74 it allowed him to keep wearing it. The only reason his hacking is "obvious" is because he's clearing UMF2 NM imo. It happened to me too! But on mobile lol, around february this year. TE nerfed the level requirement for gear, my mage had gear equipped above his lvl but again that was on ios. Only thing fishy I noticed this patch was the genie I had loc
  3. I can't help to wonder why people QQ so much. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but common so many sob stories? I wish DEWs were never nerfed and I pray that nightmare mode does not get nerfed. People were able to advance through the content including survival prior to the nerfs but the nerf cannon was still launched because of the QQs or or dare i say incompetence. Please keep nightmare mode the same I want to be able to get through the content as intended. I played it and got my butt handed to me. It felt so great lol !!! Trendy stay strong !!! You guys are awesome.
  4. The only pet I notice that I get "free " levels are guardians, I have to invest mana on any other pet it seems.
  5. I have one locked in my tavern with 60ups and great stats. Its 30m from tavern. I'm at work ATM so I can't put up a screen but I will when I get home.
  6. I couldn't find a post on this or I may not have looked thoroughly enough. If you have a drain strength aura and enrage aura stacked would the drain strength aura affect the damage the creeps are dealing to each other ?
  7. Wow, I want TNet back up just as much as everyone else but what part of steam maintenance do people not understand? Go post on steam forums or call their technical support geez!. If you need a dundef fix just play solo/local or play open while u wait :P
  8. http://steamcommunity.com/id/oneshiyi347/screenshot/649872899432563849?tab=public http://steamcommunity.com/id/oneshiyi347/screenshot/649872899432563121/?tab=public May I know what's this code for? :/ Its a phone number to trendy secret room hotline
  9. U guys find OCR in secret room ?
  10. WOW...just wow... they wont bother answering ANY of the threads about WHY it was nerfed after they said it wouldnt be.... THEN they move my thread so less people see it... I need to add a sig... "Trendy Loses Player's Respect More and More Everyday" Sorry man not directed at you entirely but to all of you babies as a whole. Reading sob stories on a forum just gets me furious because of the lack of understanding or self denial of why something was done. You know why it was done! Hmmm.....let me see is this a no brainer? The very reason why you are all complaining is the very reason why
  11. I completed Insane summit yesterday and fully upgraded the animus I received as I thought it was worth upgrading :) there's prolly better but it was 33^ and better than my other pet. I had 45M mana and when I finished upgrading I had about 25M mana. Today I was going to play and noticed I had 45M mana again and my pet was gone :( not really complaining just reporting a bug or occurrence. First time it has happened to me.
  12. The only reason why people blew through the content so quick was because the game play was way unbalanced at launch. Im not saying it is balanced now but it is alot better alot better! Players at low levels doing ridiculous ele damage, not to mention the glitch when entering your stats when you gain a level and basically ALL the nerfs that people QQ'd about. I can say I had more of a challenge and I still find it a challenge and fun. If you played the game and hit 70 and blew through the content before the first initial nerfs you wouldn't have felt any challenge.
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