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  1. I would like to help you out with the 74 armor message me back with some time you would be able to be Invited and I will do my best
  2. My Internet has been down but I still have soul focuser for you as we'll I have a 134 shi for 78. Posting stats on pets will always increase your chances of getting an offer
  3. I personally own a 129 n I do not think dredd has his ne more as it deleted from his item box while he was looking at it n returned to tavern I think. Mine is grey. / black looking
  4. What type ? N I'm looking at the 210 shaitan message me on psn if you prefer
  5. I will message you tomorrow I have like a 54 or 57^ jus for u. For future ref there is an entire section for give aways
  6. I'm going to pass thanks tho I'm more looking for towers n can't spare the th lol
  7. Alright so what i have is 107 leather boots clean. G. P. F. E. 6% 15 % 4% 11% 5 HH 5 HD 11 HC 1 fa 10 Th 8 Tr 4 Td 3 Tr. Could I have the stats on the pristine chest plz n you can let me know what you think.
  8. I may have what you need dps or towers ?
  9. I would have to say that it has to do a lot with the ppl I have met n that sill play. I agree with bad it is depressing as well have never been so addicted to a game, that's why I went with the prisoner as my photo. Events as well as collecting keeps me going :) finding it tough at times tho
  10. I'm not sure unless he had to lvl back up from going pre patch
  11. So I'm doing ramparts go back to the tavern n just chillin there talking to the randoms kid has a 78 huntress holding 114 Samuel the flyer asks me do you know where to get this weapon I don't know where ne thing comes from. Has no builders The problem with power lvling n no sense of self accomplishment. Same time there was a lvl 81 wearing 90^ boots trading pre patch souls
  12. Still says ppl that signed up my not join bi weekly event. In the eveny item hint thread you said we can still sign up for them correct?
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