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  1. Classic22. Why am i not on the Even list? Do you like not like me or something? You havent Replaced that skittle that dissappeared. You say your tryin to make events fun well what about me? im not because you wont replace anything, and wont even be generous to even put me on the list i swear it seems like you hate me? why do you hate me Classic?
  2. if you have all tht why are you complaing? i only a mana troll n t-26 my mentor n shenron was duped n you dont see mee complaining
  3. psn:iCauseMayham: I'm not in Carnage, but i will like to be, and if you can join this event without being in Carnage i want in it, but if you can't can i join carnage? :apprentice: DPS:80 Tower: 58 :huntress: DPS: 80 Tower: 71 :monk: DPS:72 Tower: 75 :squire: DPS: 16 Tower: 75
  4. i wanna join team carnage my psn is: iCauseMayham
  5. you should make like a laser robot mixed with a carnage or mentor tht would be sick!
  6. :huntress:i have a krayt i will give away to a person that will AFK my level 70 huntress to level 74:huntress: PSN: iCauseMayham
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