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  1. They seem to be pushing for everyone to mostly be a hybrid, with the removal of defense speed and having crit statistics be sub-par (leaving you hoping for defense power/defense health on every single item), so with that in mind, the best they could do would be making critical not horrible and especially make it so that the primary stat of all armors isn't defense. Not everyone is building a Squire tank character, Trendy.. if many at all.
  2. Its niche use is extremely high single target dps (there is no limit to poison) on things that are stuck/tanked in some way, but it's unfortunately not good enough a lot of times to make up for its shortcomings (re: just about everything else).
  3. Did you have a reason for posting a twitch meme, or did you just want to spam the thread?
  4. Exploding could leave an invulnerable after-image for a bit that still blocked and took hits, so that the apprentice's wall would be very good at handling huge spikes of damage, something to compete with the squire's holding trash effortlessly + extreme durability.
  5. In regards to YukiMa's post, I hatched a Legendary Shinobi Cat but was taken aback by how it was significantly weaker than not only my two Mythic pets (Imphernal and Magicat) but even a Rare (blue?) one (Whodu I think). So I hatched another one thinking maybe bugged, and I got a green Shinobi Cat that was substantially worse. As well, someone's cat pet (blue one, tier under Magicat) was substantially outdamaging my Mythic with an absurd .4s attack rate and a spread of projectiles. The pet balance is more than just a little bit off..
  6. The weapons in general are quite uninteresting, while there were a lot of similarities between weapons in the original game, a lot of them had extremely varying speeds/ranges/effects and multiple projectiles that made them an awful lot more fun to use. It's just a damage/stat difference as it stands, sometimes you get something weird like the MIRV bow.. but only sometimes.
  7. I also didn't receive anything, I'm assuming it's a common issue and something went wrong with their detection/gifting system judging by the ticket category. Been a few days and no reply, but hopefully soon.
  8. Stiiiiill looking, even if we're a bit inactive.
  9. Only a lunatic would try to use this thing for melee, there's no monk melee weapon that's 'good' per se (even factoring ninja's double 360 degree swings with a huge lightsaber), but nosferatu's ranged + 80 upgrade caps (yes it's 80, not 85, for some reason) is crazy. But yeah, you wouldn't get anything better for a whiiiiiiile, if you're trying to judge if it's time to blow millions on something.
  10. http://forums.trendyent.com/forumdisplay.php?21-PC-Technical-Support 'Cause we don't have a section for screwups with the game.
  11. I think the ranged damage goes up to 150 or so, and who knows what the upgrades are like. But a friend had to farm for a whiiiile to just get 30 upgrades, so it's a safe bet yours is in the top 5%.
  12. Yeah, double these stats, ignoring of course that +9 is as high as a stat on armor starts with.
  13. Screw that, 'pristine' is the shiny buffed armor of a prissy little paladin. Give me any of the other four armor types that take me back to the diablo 2 days. The hardened hides of beasts, the interlocking rings of metal (which is technically both chain and mail type armors, mail is closer to brigandine, so..), the metal-reinforced cloth and leather, and the interlocking plates of steel. Pristine is just plate armor with a wax job.
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