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  1. I've been getting the request timed out error for a few days now. When I am in the main menu and I press either "Play" or "Play Private", the games does not find a session, and shows me the timed out error. Here's a screenshot of the error: http://puu.sh/oXiWz/2f856f6da4.jpg Everything is the same as before the error started, no network changes, no PC changes. I even tried to play on different networks and on different computers, which lead to the same problem. Even tried to validate game and even reinstall the game. So I am inclined to believe that this is an issue with the server, specifica
  2. I would like to thank you for this build. I was able to do this on Insane HC MM with 4 people 80% of the time afking. In the end I got good tower giraffes and I was able to improve my poor traptress and poor monk. Thank you very much for this build! :D
  3. I have a squire who is focused on towers. And I've been trying to do aquanos insane survival for past 3 days or so, but haven't been successful on getting to the end. So I was wondering, what is the next best place to farm mana on insane with the squire? Also, if possible provide a link to ddplanner build. :squire: Squire stats: approx. 1000 tower dmg, approx 900 tower speed P.S. I also got a tower :apprentice:apprentice, :monk:monk, and :huntress:huntress. But squire is the best one out of those. Thank you in advance!
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