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  1. Could you guys consider an Adventure Time themed costume pack? Eh? 8D Ice King Apprentice Finn Squire Marceline Huntress/Countess and a Jake Monk(if you go the first 4) or something Eh? Eh? You know it'd be awesome, right? 8D
  2. Anyone game for doing this level? I've gotten every other achievement and since my usual group doesn't seem to have time time to get on anymore I was hoping to at least get this. I don't even care if it's hardcore or not, I just want the last achievement at the very least. Characters are: Ranger dps: 1500/2672/1414/1418 1588/686 (what is with gear not having ability 2...) Monk dps: 960/1864/270/1312 1166/201 (this guy can use my ranger gear if nenecessary. has a monk wrench with almost 37k ranged) Summoner: 1039/1228 1582/2252/2070/1208 Auranitiate: 512/280 1975/2000/1959/1
  3. 42 is gone needa a new # from you * just updated the numbers that have been selected so far Was it? Odd, didn't see it taken. Anyways, 50 I guess.
  4. 42. I guess the Penny Arcade pack, as it's the only one I didn't purchase.
  5. Better that, than some self centered idiot who abuses you for "killing the boss too fast and not letting him 1-shot it" (he also happened to be used madly hacked saws and had VAC bans on record). The player in question then failed to jump back, along with the host, abused me the entire fight and rage-quit when I beat it (after getting his saw ofc). Some people... No words.
  6. Doing roughly this is how I met all the friends I actively play(ed) DD with. I bet he thought "Ah man... here comes some Ranger noob while I'm trying to earn my crystal..." To this day, all but one go, I'm always the one that does 2/3rds the boss's health for him. Edit: sorry, didn't mean for that to sound like a "I want to be the center" post. Good job, glad to hear they didn't insta-reset just because 1-2 people died. Most people seem to do that without even considering that the other person/people might be capable. Sky City is a good place to surprise random rooms with a "bizam" mom
  7. It's animation for melee is slower than the monk wrench or the eternia spear. It's much better suited as a range weapon. It also shoots cards. So.. KinetiCard! pew pew.
  8. According to wiki that should be just fine, but I just tried Deeper Wells with an active Monk for the last 2 waves tower boosting minions, and I did not get the Mission Real Time Strategist award upon completion. I did get Master Strategist so I know I didn't do any accidental hero damage, and I only used ensnare, strength drain, gas trap, and buff beams. Did you click your crystal in the tavern afterwards? For some reason, sometimes it just says "Master Strategist", but you actually earned Real Time.
  9. I believe when you go above 872 and you're not the host, the items show as 361. so the guys stats were shown as 500 but they are actually 999999999. That would explain it. Still, it was good for a head shake, a leave and an immediate report.
  10. Wait, is this true?! From everything I've heard prior, City in the Cliffs is required. Same for Transcendent Survivalist, sadly. It's the single-hardest level required to earn both achievements, so it'd be a huge relief to hear it isn't required. But I could swear I've heard stories from numerous people that tried it without and didn't unlock the achievement. Like as in: cleared every other possible stage, didn't unlock it. Cleared CITC, then unlocked it. Short answer, they are. I don't know if you have to -own- it, but you do need to beat it. He may have possibly glitched, if anything, as
  11. You should have tried it before they removed copters from the first wave. That was just painful :p I'd rather not have. Cause f- those copters on levels where I can't shoot them over holes. XP
  12. Sky Captain Initiate costume, get it from beating Sky City on any difficulty. Its probably the best costume for initiate :) While it definitely is, her other choice isn't exactly "good" by any means. XP
  13. if you did it without that. I am surprised. but once everything was set up, we pretty much afk'd it. Shouldn't be too surprised. If you know where to set up at, which I did for most levels thanks to two of my friends I tend to play with being great at setups, as well as a City thread here on the forums, it's a lot easier. City can still be a pain though. That first wave, ugh.
  14. Not as bad as people I've seen where their stats are <500, the towers stats show this, and yet a single Electric Tower can hit the entire map at one and do 500kdps. First reporting I ever did. Sad thing is I think I saw the same thing later on too.
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