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  1. I scream it's broken because it's broken. Because in 20 hours of play she has summoned Many MANY presents, the amount of which were empty was significant, following nothing we have ogres by a large marjority as well, then mana, items, and finally towers bringing up the rear with approximately 5% drop rate. So to be clear, 40% empty, 30% ogres, 15% mana, 10% items, 5% towers. Actual numbers, 10000 presents summoned, for a good sample size. Empty 4127 Ogres 3115 Mana 1455 Items 875 Towers 428 After playing for a couple hours last night, those numbers seem fairly accurate. Either way it was NOTHING like the preview stream that Trendy did.
  2. From the Summoner FAQ thread: "The first of his abilities is Flash Heal. When activated, the Summoner can send a wave of healing ethereal energy to his trusty minions and to nearby defenses. When in Overlord mode, this power only affects his minions." He's talking about the Mage Minion, not flash heal.
  3. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?61749-Auto-Sell-during-waves&p=478804&viewfull=1[[1446,hashtags]] Your own thread. Sorry, again, no. This has been Trendy's stance on the subject since the game was launched. I doubt it's going to change, especially with how much excess mana is already in the game.
  4. Back when they made it so the lowest value item disappeared first they said they would not implement an auto sell for the items that disappear. If I remember right, they were even kind of reluctant to change it to what is now. On release the oldest item disappeared first. Survival was pretty much just a giant "LOOT EVERTHING, DON'T LET IT DISAPPEAR!" sort of ordeal. You also have to remember that on release survival in the throne room hit like 22,000+ mobs by wave 10.
  5. There was an older (it was fixed within the first month of the game being out) bug that prevented people from joining friends games if the friends game didn't meet their public game filter preferences. This shouldn't be the problem, but try to have your friends clear their filters. Again, this shouldn't be the issue, but I think it's worth making sure an older bug hasn't somehow resurfaced.
  6. There used to be a time limit option, in which you could enable the build time on easy, there is a still Column on the server bowser for this. I think this needs re implementing or changing the Listings to show HC instead or Limited Build times. That option could also disable infinite build on survival. People were abusing this to AFK-level on lower difficulties. It was MUCH, MUCH slower than Insane GH runs, but it was still just a set up and forget/go to sleep sort of thing. In regards to allowing infinite build on Insane/NM. The timer was meant to be a part of the added difficulty. Once your speed is 100 you should be able to set up a good enough defense for wave 1 on every map. If you're not sure how to build, then you should mess around in Hard, or just keep on trying with the timer.
  7. I was having trouble with sharken on F&F survival higher waves too, so I put a proxy on each side and no more trouble. Here's my build: http://ddplanner.com/?l=5690,nmhc-survival-foundries Monk aura radius around 960, trap radius about 800. Proxy trigger reaches a little beyond gas trigger. You can actually position the lower 2 harpoons so that the left one covers the right side and middle, while the right one covers the left side and middle. Middle mobs will always be closer than the left/right ones, so they tend to take priority. The would also free up the bottom Upgrade Beam (since you'd be positioning them on the side of the already in place left/right harpoons). Or at the very least allow it to be a 4 DU beam. The 1 DU could be used for replacing a prox with an inferno (can still handle sharken fairly well, and needs far less attention than a prox.), or to set up a reflection in front of a wall to aid with Dark Elf Mage Fireballs.
  8. NM Beginners should not have 150 stats-- you need to use gimicks (such as farming wave 1 of Endless Spires) to get your stats up to respectable amounts. There are Ogres and Djinn on wave 1 NMHC Endless Spires now. The old naked farm technique does not (and has not since mid March) work anymore. You either need to just buy cheap 2x vendor myths from players, or you need to spend far more mana on upgrading good Godlys. From there just work your way up through the campaign, find a level you're comfortable with, and see how far you can go in survival on it.
  9. 4. If a tower that is on a buff beam is pushed off the buff beam, the buff beam goes down! (wtf) Can anyone go run unlikely allies to see if this happens when the ogre pushes a tower out of a buff beam now? Pre-patch they caused the tower to keep the buff, regardless of how far away from the beam they ended up.
  10. High end couture baby. ...I read that in RuPaul's voice. @Notorious Noob: Same problem here.
  11. I just do stuff that I feel like, atm I'm farming monkeys on Karathiki. Getting plenty of eggs and not wasting my time on trivial stuff ;) Kudos on the build though, that's probably the first SQ build I've ever seen posted on here. Never done the map on survival myself. It's a frustrating map with many many places that Djinn like to hide behind while desummoning. Build too close to the crystals? Random arrows will get through unless you devote 3+ DU on Reflectors. Build too close to spawn? Necromancers backed up behind spawn doors (many of which are behind short 90 degree turn corridors). Spiders are pretty annoying on it too. Luckily, as Kurath pointed out, it's an earlier map so everything has relatively low hp. The ogres, for whatever reason, are all mini ogres too (they spawn about as frequently as orcs as the waves get higher though). At least now you can defend the upper path from that side room with harpoons. Before you HAD to use bowling balls on a necro spawn door... with multiple 90 degree turn stair cases. The reason? All other towers would aim straight down at the floor to the spawn below. So glad this was fixed.
  12. Does it actually lower your towers range, or does it do nothing? Because if it lowers range... griefing mode is go?
  13. If you want to see golden ogres then go do Treasure Hunt. They won't have Djinn'd stats, but they'll still be big and shiny (and drop 2 golden tokens!).
  14. [c3;412419']im not entirely sure what you mean when you say it is not a problem with the EV? It means you can switch to a different weapon for lightning immune mobs by hitting x.
  15. Its unlikely it addresses most of the situations people blame for it. Jeremy's cases are uncommon and don't occur with full defenses up. It is good to see these fixed. However most of the so-called 'random core deaths', especially in Alch Labs, are people standing in the direct path between enemy and core (typically mages on staircases in the east and people standing on the stairs leading out of the core pit) and then moving away, causing the projectile to fly straight through on small maps. Fortunately the inclusion of reflector walls deals with this well. If you still think you're suffering 'random core death' in such a map, put a reflector in front of the crystal (1 du is usually spared anyway) and see what happens. Golden archers seem to be more capable of shooting past your defenses to your core too, and if enough mobs bunch up on a wall sometimes they can knock Kobolds through smaller holes that they normally wouldn't have gone through. I think these are the main causes of "mysterious" core explosions. It is nice to see that the actual unintended ones are being fixed though.
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