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  1. jumping into a tavern asking for gear that you cant use so you can trade it to someone....... for free. asking for better items than the ones that are handed to you for free... they are free.... exclaiming that every character that the host brings out is garbage and you know people with better stats....
  2. its 20% there is an additional 1 placed into the stat just for being in the possitive. in an example you have a helm that has 1 in the attack rate. Match the equipment and the helm will glow blue outline and now show 2 points into the attack rate. this will add an additional point for every 4 put into it after that. This does not change whether or not you have the armor on or off when you upgrade it. just match it and gain the extra points (^.^) This only works with matching sets and does not add anything into a neg stated item..
  3. rants don't change the game... it just prevents people from enjoying what they got....... If I give you 3 dollars and say heres three dollars don't worry about it. you are happy. but if I give you 3 dollars and you found out that I was going to give you 10 dollars your curiosity is pushed to wonder why and an entitlement is justified. There was almost a mixture of to much information released to the public and to little released to some of the people who help online.... It happens. not all the time but it still happens. If you bought it. you bought it. play it or don't. Please d
  4. ^all of this is very interesting...^ those who trade will inevitabley be had at some point. If you feel the deal is to good to be true it probably is. The only way to protect yourself is not to trade with anyone and farm the items yourself. It may be grueling and time consuming but it is a 100% way to be sure you won't have anything that is duped. I feel for most of the people on this page. liars suck. duppers suck. being had sucks. but the game is open to public and with that you get "all" of the public. not everyone is polite or has best intentions for everyone. If anyone needs
  5. This is a rough guess on what you are suggesting. the occulus is on the Moraggo Dessert. defeat on insane with the apprentice to get this wepon. It has what looks to be a yellow circle at the end of the staff. The Depth charge is on Aqanos. Defeat on insane with the huntress to get this wepon. It explodes with elemental damage. base is fire and electrical elemental as well. as for the armor haveing a glowing blue aura around it with great stats that is matching full sets of armor. There are 5 different classes Mail, Chain, Prestine, Plate and leather. Match all of the pieces to say the
  6. PSN: IcecremSocialist I'll help you out.
  7. Talk to me. This is what makes a game.... communication. thanks for that. ^.^
  8. there are more than 3 crystals on the crystaline dimension... but I see what you are trying to do.
  9. To those who have been subjected to kicking and are kicking please do everyone a solid: Let the player know why they are being kicked. Some people have a hard time getting into the game or understanding the game if the first time on they instantly get kicked. Also as someone who periodicaly drops into low level taverns and drop items.... when you ask me to level you up and I say "sure how far are you looking to go?" Please stop useing the phrase "As far as you would like". I am more than happy to help a player out. but please be sure and realistic on how many levels you would like to
  10. Did anyone notice that when you go into the advanced search to find specific levels or players levels, on the online playing, that the top out of level that you can find is still 70. So if want to play with people 70+ who are hosting (not that you guys who are lower levels arn't great) do you have to reset the advance search and are they going to put a patch on this?
  11. 1. yes. but only on misty forest If you upgrade the ****an to 16 even when you are hit by the spiders your fire rate is not effected.(or at least not as I see it) 2. took me a month to get my first 100^ wep 3. It's all prefference. I like marrago, some like glitter... and some like misty
  12. I got a 126^ Mail helm for lvl 90 and was wondering if anyone knew how high the upgrades go
  13. That blows, but no one really cares about it in the long run.... not that you cant be angry, just that everyones been there and are tired of hearing the "poor me" mantality. Its sad because some of the people are being honest and feel that they have been robbed in some way.(This has happend to me resently and previously), but it is a "buyer beware" and a "you have been warned" attitude. So if you are looking for simpathy I am with you for "that blows" and if you want to do a couple of runs to get some gear I would be more than happy, but thats about it.. don't expect to much... Life is happ
  14. here's hoping to be able to have 2-3 mix mode.... its the salt and pepper of this game...
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