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  1. to be fair this is a _public_ alpha. Before that there has been _two_ years of private alpha.
  2. dafuq you are using? Subversion with some internal developed reporting tool?
  3. I think that was linked to council memmbership (ie buying the game way before the current steam alpha)
  4. That s what the Barbarian used to do. Hopefully this char will be implemented again.
  5. So you should have a hero portrait top left unless you've turned it off in the options, the left border of the hero icon (Squire's head/Huntresses head etc) is where the quick view xp bar is, black is empty slowly fills with gold until you level. Wow this is NOT an obvious choice. I would be better to see the XP bar at the bottom like in DD1; big and fat.
  6. So for the people that did play DD1 for a good while, have a title that reflect that (example: "returning hero"). Base it on the number of hours played from steam profile. I must have over 1200 hours on DD1, and that would probably help me see other long time players, as well as infatuate my ego. :p
  7. The Throne RoomThe RampartsEndless SpiresThe SummitGlitterhelm CavernsMisttmire ForestSky CityAnd bring back the Tavern for the private tavern ! :D
  8. Just signed in (first time in months btw) to say that I feel the same! The hardness of the game is totally off. Me and my mate were doing the campaign while having our main toons in their 20s. Not what I was expecting from DD2.
  9. Yeah? How long this early access BS has been going on for? And the road map just states they will add what was basically already in DD. They just pulled a Rust-like early access, changing mid way through development what the final game should be like. Content is poor at best, and they totally removed the opportunity to have modding and community involvement that could have helped them releasing new content Remember at PAX East 2013 (TWO YEARS AGO)? They were telling everyone the game would be released late the same year/early following year. Now you can understand that some of us are frustrate
  10. Hi, I am just trying to get grip with 3D Max in order to get some custom models going in the dddk, but I have hit a wall: everything I am doing is just scaled down and I have to scale them back up in the dddk, which of course is producing some ugly thing (mainly texture stretching). Could someone please tell me how I should set up the system unit in 3D max to not get this? Thanks, Tam
  11. Thanks for the tutorial Just noticed though: Outlines - White - [[309,hashtags]] Lower Levels - Brown - [[1440,hashtags]] Mid Levels - Light Brown - [[1441,hashtags]] Upper Levels - Beige - [[1442,hashtags]] Top levels - Cream - [[1442,hashtags]] Lava - Orange - [[1443,hashtags]] Enemy spawn areas - Red - [[1444,hashtags]] (at about 70% opacity) It'd be nice for this part to be reformatted as well: [quote] Enabled? - Allow the minimap in-game, yes/no Force Map Always on? - If you would like the map to always be on screen Map background Opacity - The transparency of the
  12. thanks. It seems that the 'physical' doors object have that blue (teal) bounding box over when they are working. Anyway I have checked with the template again finding the object referenced from Kimset to the map and vice versa and I have 9 set of doors working now. I have not the old save so I can not really upload that. :/ Hope this can help anyone else trying out for the first time. :) Tam
  13. Thanks for the pointer. I must admit that I do not understand everything. I have tried to check the animation in Kismet but I get only 1 of the doors to move. I have a total of 7 set of doors and only three are actually working. I have checked as well from Kismet that the actors were correctly set. And I am confused: 2 of the working sets are inverted (left doors is the right actor and right door is the left actor) and one is set correctly.... I have noticed as well a blue bounding box around the 3 sets working. And after testing a 4th set is working and I can see that blue bounding box
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