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  1. Without NM, about the only thing I can suggest is plugging in multiple controllers (real or virtual) and running splitscreen survivals with alts. That will only get you so far in insane, though. Trading and working your way up is another option, but it'll be difficult to get your foot in the door without a cube or mk2 as a starting point. Honestly, if you feel like you're hitting the progression wall with insane, it's time to invest in nightmare mode. For comparison, a single 4-way splitscreen campaign run of King's Game NMHC will net around 300-400m mana (IIRC).
  2. The best thing to do is to lock tavern item drops. A person can see that piece and think it is yours. They will then report you and you could get a ban from it. This. Plus, it'll prevent coming back from AFK to find a giant pile of "certified pre-owned" gear littering your forge and tavern bar. :)
  3. And if you're really paranoid, you can drop them in the "secret" room (the one with the flashing "OPEN" sign above the door). Only the host can enter that room. Same goes for the basement, if you've achieved ult defender.
  4. I have never had one say no it isn't lol I feel left out You're not missing much, I can tell you that :)
  5. Other tell-tale signs of hackers, I've found: - They really, really, really want everybody to know how many level 100 chars they have. They simply won't shut up about it. - Joining mid-game and saying "I build". Never asking politely.
  6. There's a flip side as well. My 2.5k hero dmg EV had a pawn that's barely over 100k and some dude was screaming bloody murder that I must be hacking, and nothing I could say (or anybody else in the game at the time) could convince him otherwise. I get the feeling that he ended up reporting everybody in that full UMF run before he left in string of expletives. I'm sure pretty much everybody who has even mid-late game gear has had a similar experience. Much respect for Trendy for having to wade through the probably thousands of bogus reports to find the actual bad guys.
  7. Disclaimer: This is from memory, so I may be way off base here. IIRC, it's a known bug with all sorts of weapons. Basically, the stat rolls negative, but the stat isn't allowed to be negative, so it gets clamped at the minimum value and can't be upgraded. I had a pretty decent STS way back when which had that problem on ranged dmg. So yeah, nice STS, but only melee is upgradable. Fail.
  8. The steam keys aren't shown in the main Humble Library page; if you scroll all the way to the bottom of your Library page, you'll see the links to the individual bundles you've purchased in the past. When you view a specific bundle, there will be a link ("Click here for your Steam keys") to get your Steam keys for each of the games that support it. It seems a little weird, but it makes sense when you consider that the same games (incuding DD) have appeared in multiple bundles, so if you've ended up buying the game multiple times you'll still get multiple keys (e.g., one for you, one for your friend, etc.).
  9. hahahaha same thing happened to me a few days ago on wave 25. yeah ... <3 bugs and such. At least is not as awful as on the other crystal, where goblin chopers' rockets go under reflect beams ... I call that little space beneath the reflects the "mail slot". From: Mr. Goblin Copter To: Mr. Poor Hapless Minion Status: Delivered
  10. One other thing: While the ogres are beating on your minions, keep an eye on if you mage minion is getting hit by the ogre's ground-pound. Assuming you're using a summoner during the wave, try to find that "sweet spot" where your mage is far enough away to not get hit but still heal your minion wall (the healing range is probably larger than you think).
  11. It's hard to tell where things are going wrong without seeing it in action. Your weapon DPS is way more than enough, but what does your HP look like? What pet are you using, besides your gf's prop cat? The vast majority of the damage I do to the Kraken is from my seahorse (I usually use a DPS monk for this), which means my job is to keep the Kraken inside the heal and drain auras, and never ever stop dancing around him. When he does hit you, he hits hard, so try to get your generic resist to 90% if possible. If he's still 1-shotting you, then about all I can say is aim for more HP. Assuming this is Aquanos and not Boss Rush, the portals are your friend to quickly disengage and heal up. Running in a straight line away is a great way to get Kraken-spikes in your back.
  12. Type "killme" (without the quotes) in chat.
  13. In addition to what AK47FAN762 said, Pawn shot fire rate maxes out at 8, so don't worry -- you'll only be using up a few of your upgrades on the rate.
  14. DefendersStore itself is just shop listings, and there's even a handy button in the game itself to upload your shop's item list, which is about as close to being "blessed" as it can be. That also means that it's no different in terms of hackers than visiting shops in-game, so buyer beware -- use the Item Check Thread for anything awesome but fishy and be sure to report hackers when you can. As a (sometimes) seller, I've definitely gotten visitors to my shop via DefendersStore, so people do use it. I'm not a buyer though so I can't speak to how effective it actually is in that regard.
  15. The last time this happened, it turned out to be an archer that was wedged in such a way that it was just outside the auras but still able to lob arrows at the crystal. I could see the archer animation but not the arrows themselves; I assume it's due to my crap framerate when splitscreening. That said, most times I have absolutely no idea what did the damage, even when watching the area like a hawk. Unless it's doing significant or continuous damage, I've come to just shrugging it off.
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