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  1. Squall_griever2 PSN ..... Join me n' Let's kick some serious Insane+ butt!
  2. Bassmanringo is that u? If not We can still b friends, I play on PS3 & P.C. as well squallgriever2 on PSN & Parasyte_eve2000 on P.C.. Nice to meet ya.
  3. Where the heck did you get that? I can only get them through mods on pc? lemme guess Survival?
  4. squallgrieve2 I love Aquanos runs! Count me in 83 Huntress over 300 to trapd and towers, with my 144 shi hulud, Im TJ Hooker & Cravin Morehead 83 apprentice DPS over 600. Pleas count me in
  5. Iv gotten an 98, 100, 106, 132, Am curently using a 144, upgrade as well as my friends have gotten a 176 & 193! So yes in my opinion the better better drops come from harder difficultys, I'v gotten countless 45 & 50 upgrades. I do believe The kind of armor you wear affects your drop
  6. He's right it is the Ultimate Defender, I also have 1 on PS3, damn, Now I gotta get to 90
  7. You can only start on a wave higher than 8 on pc, I can verify that as about a week ago, unless an update came out that I dont know about.
  8. Not to sure how I get Accecpted, But I Love the game & Count me in if the list is not full:)
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