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  1. Is it possible to earn Steam Achievement in OPEN playlist?
  2. Instead of trying to make ways around it that would be longer that the actuall process of buying direct from shop, just add the raised cap.....problem solved.
  3. Could you you please raise the sell cap in shops on items? I had a lobby tonight that was full and were all asking that it should be raised, and im sure there are more out there. I know there has to be a GUI change but i dont think that would be an issue. Maybe just another 100 million or so, that would surfice.
  4. Looking for a good team to do NM mode, looking for Ozzy's. Add me on Steam if you are interested: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198038131854
  5. Did you sell it to vendor or did you sell it to someone in shop? If you just sell it to the vendor you will get capped at max mana (ie. 200,000,000), BUT if you put it in your AFK store you would have gone over the cap, but still selling to vendor in AFK store will not raise your mana if you have gone over the 200,000,000 cap.
  6. alt+tab then close window, why must you all make a simple process lengthier?
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