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  1. Soo i downloaded the ps4 patch this morning and i loaded up the game and i got this error. it tells me to try again or restart so i tried a few times and didnt work so i restarted and they error popped up again. soo i cant play DD2 right now cause something wrong with patch wth...
  2. A few things i have had an issue with when i was playin today as of 8/4/16. i was hosting a public lobby a guy joined and built a couple defenses and went AFK. i went to my session list to try to kick him and i could NOT i wouldn't give me the option. So he had these defense that i could not sell nor to kick him so i could sell them so i had to to deal with his defense being there. i gotten to the point i just run private taverns because this happened to me a few times. I guess my problem is the kick broken?? and also need to have the ability to sell other peoples defenses. It gets annoying wh
  3. yep im on ps4 lol i had the happen to me today again but i been doin a private tavern still happening.
  4. The world keeps disappearing and i fall through the world just wondering if its happening to anyone else?? Happens in the public hub and only happens in tavern if i play with a buddy
  5. @djbon2saterp ya the chest everyone gets there own but if seen many a time guys running in front of me and collecting alll the green energy in sense everyone is gnna have to watch there one door or area just to get there own green energy.
  6. i agree they screwed up DD2 but DD1 for the PS4 i think i ight pee myself lol that wud be wonderful and with the ps4 it could handle they crazy stuff they have on the PC version of DD1. I have DD1 for pc and if that was on ps4 o ya id buy it. :)
  7. im also a little disappointed about the how they reduced the amount of towers they have compared to DD miss those auras and traps from DD lol.
  8. also i think everyone shud have there own loot as in mana drops and energy drops its hard to build when people taking blues and greens just being easier for everyone to build there own stuff if they had there own green and blue drops.
  9. So console will never receive another patch but yet they told us the aquanos xp wud be fixed and it isnt so they wont even bother trying to give us what they said wow at least patch the aquanos xp seriously......
  10. thanks ill have 2 try med them just finished hard nd lost when half the bosses health was gone.....
  11. ok i beat all dlcs on easy to unlock crystal dimension nd nothing so r u supposed 2 beat it on a hrader difficulty or wat ne 1 kno??
  12. yes glitterhelm has been 4 me 2 its hard 2 play it wit more than 2 ppl it keeps freezin might as well just play morrago
  13. thats wat i mean i have a friend wit some high lvl weapons nd he used all his 200 mill nd had 2 mana glitch 2 finish the rest of the upgrades nd im not talkin a huge increase just like 500 mill lol maybe i think that the be just plenty... but when ya got armor plus pets plus weapons ya it adds up
  14. so will the max mana consoles can be the same or will that be increased as well ne have any clue? nice 2 have more thn 200 mill espcially wit newer weapons nd harder difficulty i havent found nething bout mana bank increase but dont mean its not there...
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