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  1. So you'll soon release infos about your new game?
  2. I'd like a copy of DD for my long-time e-friend who I play every other game with but whom I could not yet convince of buying DD.
  3. How do i start this map? I mean, I can get into the Crystal Dimension, but there is the ~90 minute time limit for something and no mobs spawn. What's going on? Nevermind...I'm stupid, why haven't I thought about activating the crystal before I wrote this :D.
  4. No, it wasn't the same thing, but it works again, I don't know why.
  5. I only have 16 hero slots?
  6. See title. Yesterday afternoon it worked normally. Does anybody else experience this issue?
  7. Gender is irrelevant for Barb/EV/Summoner: you're still that class. Counterparts have different icons because they are different classes with different hero abilities. Knowing whether to run to the Initiate or the Monk is rather important if you want to make use of Remote Defense Boost. I don't need to know that the Initiate is dressed up as Cupidette, Sky Captain, or her plain ol' boring self to get to the right type of hero. Running to a Demoness or a Summoner is going to get you access to a Flash Heal no matter what. Yes, it IS relevant. Amazon/Barbar, Demoness/Summoner, EV/BH have
  8. At the moment I seem to only have Read-only access since a) it says so next to the github-URL and b) I can't find any upload buttons. Anyway, as soon as I find 1-2 spare hours to implement the German class descriptions for all new heroes I will upload my V9. Unfortunately I cannot take the descriptions from the German Steam store 1:1 since at least 2 descriptions are too long and ingame there seems to be a character limit. So I need to shorten these descriptions by a few words and also I still have to find the correct color codes for the abilities. However, currently I'm up to my throat
  9. Okay, I've created a Github account named exactly like the one here.
  10. Yeah, go for Shards complete pack and Series EV, definitely.
  11. I'd definitely take the SEV.
  12. Shards complete pack and Series EV are the 2 most important I'd say.
  13. Do you have any reason stating so in the German thread apart from somebody seemingly screwing up one translation in the Spanish version? Feedback is very much appreciated, meaningless remarks are not.
  14. Maps like the new Volcano map need to be split into 4-5 different height sections and when you are in Overlord mode you can switch levels with + and - or simply 2 other new keys since +/- are used for overlaying auras/beams/towers. When you are at level 3, the 2 levels above are simply not displayed.
  15. That's what I wrote, but thanks for bumping the thread :)
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