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  1. I'll post this again without the so called obscene content. Well I've been checking these forums on a weekly basis for EU patch information so I could go back playing the game and now I'm very annoyed. I won't be buying any more games made by Trendy but not only because the patch isn't coming but for Trendy keeping their mouths shut about it for so long. Looks like I can finally delete the game from my hard drive and clear a bit of space and seriously I hope their next game fails now. Screw EU nah screw yous. Through out our time playing Dungeon defenders EU players all felt left out with t
  2. Hi Gerry if u wanna play with me and my friends send me a friends request my psn is l4mu_princ3ssThanks for the offer Princ3ss but I'm taking a break from Dungeon Defenders until this new difficulty comes or they release a patch.
  3. I would have to assume that you are above lvl 70 as you have weapons from the DLC. That said, if I were a lvl 23 trying to enjoy the game and just casually level up, I'd probably kick you if you jumped into my lobby. I mean really, what business does a lvl 70+ character have in jumping into a medium deeper wells map? It would be a breeze for you on insane... even if you were only level 50. All I'm saying is that some low level people are playing to have fun and enjoy discovering the game from start to finish. They aren't necessarily wanting to get to end game so quickly. Power leveling is no
  4. Ok so today after 3 weeks of playing just local I decided to take a break from grinding XP and farming items to help some low level people. First game I tried joining was a level 23 dude doing deeper wells on medium. 5 seconds into game I get kicked, WTF? Second dude a level 31 guy doing found and forge medium. As soon as I joined I get kicked, WTF!. Long story short I joined about 8 different low level guys to help and got kicked every time until I joined a level 1 dude. This kicking none sense is ridiculous. I mean not only did I help the level 1 dude go from level 1 to 41 in an hour but
  5. What yous mean Real Kraken fang?? also dam second try, I swear this game wants to punish me. I did War of Djinn about 40 times and got 2 100^ S Hulads that were locked to level 78 and 83 before finally settling for 1 with 81 upgrades and I've done portal defence on both hard and medium about 50 times and got two 60^ Glaives of Unicorn locked to level 78 and the rest with 19 to 29^. Thats 30 hours wasted on War of Djinn, 10 hours on portal defence and 12 hours on Riddle of the deep. This game is unfair. Question. If I play online do items upgrades get better because all I play is local offlin
  6. After about 20 times all I got was ones with 25 health and 30 upgrades so I gave up. I wasn't sure you could get any higher until now. What difficulty were you on and what character level is it for?
  7. Don't bother playing this game online. Do everything in local. Online is very broken in this game from constant kicks and framerate drops to freezing issues and increased enemy health and enemy counters. Every map takes longer to complete online compared to doing local and with online you can spend an hour or 2 getting to the final waves of maps only to have the host kick you out cause his game starts lagging or the game freezes because it can't handle the enemy count. I haven't played online in weeks apart from trying to take part in an event and getting help with challenges that are impossib
  8. To be honest there is better set ups for MM PS that takes less time and gives hardly any damage to your towers from ogres. The circular saw with 2 harpoon turrets behind them 5 feet away and a strength drain aura covering them and an ensnare trap set up in front of the circular saw with an inferno trap set up right at the start of the ensnares aura area at all 4 choke points closest to the enemy spawns then set up 2 harpoons behind the crystals the wyverns attack. You can use the stats given in that threads guide. This set ups better because you can bring in 2-3 other controllers depending on
  9. Yeah I just got a Kairi on hard pure strategy for a level 74 character with 73 upgrades, 58 heal amount, 5 heal speed and an average of 18 for each stat. I've done MM Pure strat about 10 times so far and for awhile I was get ones with 20^. You just have to stick with it
  10. http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Experience_Guide Is this chart correct??? Now I've read people say how the experience needed for the PC isn't as much but I didn't know it was that much of a difference. I mean seriously the PC only needs half the XP we need and the PC version has way more Maps to grind XP not to mention better experience gains from nightmare difficulties. Lol I went on wiki for some tips on getting XP and now I don't want to waste anymore of my life playing this game. Dam trendy, thanks for a good game that has a good formula of RPG and stratagy all for really che
  11. Also not everyone van enter events. Like the whole continent of Europe cant enter the events. :)This. Yeah this is a form of discrimination against the continent of Europe. It ain't that hard to get EU event hosts to get around the no invite BS or they could easily start a public lobby and get event players from Europe to join that way. "But anyone can join then" easy just use the kick button that most of this community loves using until the people in the public game are people on the events list, simple. Its not fair hearing about the cool pets people got for taking part in the event. Her
  12. Yeah the XP goals for each level is ridiculous and it doesn't help when this game loves rewarding good items that get locked to level 78 and 83. Level 74 items are alright because at least level 70 to 74 is reachable in a week but level 74-78 is 3 times the XP needed. I mean you have to do this if you want 4 characters at level 78. Seriously WTF was trendy thinking. I don't even see myself getting 1 character to level 78 before moving on to another game let alone get 4 characters to 78 or even 1 to level 83. I really hate games that expect you to give up your life if you want to achieve eve
  13. Yous think thats bad I was going for my last challege on insane for the trophy for beating all challenges on insane and treasure hunt on insane when at the end of the game it froze right before heading back to the tavern before the trophies unlocked. I hard resetted the game and when I went back the game showed it as complete but no trophies. Luckily I re did the challenge in hopes the trophy would trigger and they did. I would have be really pissed if they didn't as I want that pet you get for getting the platinum.
  14. Yeah thanks mate. I'll keep trying for a higher ^. Just to let people know I've done some tests between medium and hard difficulty. Done 10 runs of each and both difficulties have given me Glaives with around the same upgrades from 27-66 which is still my highest and the stats between difficulties seem the same to so looks to be just luck and total randomness.
  15. Ah good base stats but crappy upgrade levels. I got a 74 kaire with similar stat that had 48 upgrade levels and after upgrading fully my tower health, tower damage and area of effect were at 40. Did you not bring in 4 controllers to get 4 kaires half ways through wave 19?? Honestly the fact you can do that makes up for getting the odd item getting locked to a higher level
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