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  1. dunno wether this serves as a PC or not, but it might give you an idea/Option: http://forums.dungeondefenders2.com/showthread.php?112907-WTT-v-nice-mega-for-a-dragon People are (rarely) looking for such Dragons! alredy doing my runs for this dragon :)
  2. first one to add me gets in ...
  3. If our times ever overlap then I would pay 4 cubes for 20, if you could do that many. I dont really need them but nice to get runs done when I cant actually play. im free right now
  4. i see lots of people wanting some runs and could do with a few cubes and farming the map myself, so if anyone is interested while i am available add me not sure what a good price to ask for is so around 1-3 per 10 i will let you decide on a fair price all runs r total afk with 4 players for yourself. not going to take any huge requests unless you don't mind not having them all in one session. EDIT: will also take coal/diamonds all that good stuff.
  5. im getting on right this second to do some runs if you want some.
  6. bump can offer many lab runs for one aswell.
  7. Never tested such a Dragon, heh? :dragon: :dragon: :dragon: :dragon: :dragon: dragons ftw
  8. NICE, il give you my chicken for it :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD if not il give u cubes and tons of lab runs for it (starting offer at 100 runs with 4 afks + 3 cubes )
  9. I think range capping is not considered when figuring how many times a diamond caps. People will look for capping tower health, damage and rate. Therefore, this will likely be considered double cap by many people Nonetheless, good luck :) this diamond is perfect for a trap hero personally if i was looking for a diamond for my trap or even my aura monk this is the perfect one i would look for. i would not sell this for nothing less that what a 'normal' trip cap diamond is worth
  10. Why not give this a shot, thanks, GL SID in sig
  11. im free to do some runs if you want. sid in sig
  12. :crystal::barbarian::squire::apprentice::huntress::monk::summoner::series:
  13. If you farmed it yourself then no. you know urself its 100% legit unless you have personally modded it. unless you plan on selling and you want to confirm it to others that its possible for there peace at mind then maybe. not sure what ur asking exactly though
  14. Ha nice one. only have one of me in a superman costume from when i was a little drunk. does that count :D ? wasn't from Halloween but i thought I'd ask anyways to get things started
  15. Pre patch glads are like weak saws. They had more dmg per up but swung slower. nice to know, Thanks for the catch up.
  16. little off topic but what is a post patch glad compared to a normal one? came back to the game and this map has been out for ages sinces i did come back, would be interesting to know the difference if some one could tell me
  17. Ha, you know I have one except the hp ;) Good luck. yes its verry nice, bumppppppppppppp
  18. He cant log in to check until they restore his account though. I dont think there is a rush as it is hard to find a dragon like that. I have an ult++ dragon but it is not as good as the ult+ I recently traded EagleOne for. It needs to spawn with a high base damage as well to get up high enough for what he wants I think. Like he said, it would basically be a perfect dragon. yep. character restored, looking for dragon once again, also if some one has one but does not like the offer, let me know and il see if i got something you might like for it.
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