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  1. Returning Player - came back for release after not having played in a long time - just before Gunwitch maybe? Anyway, lots of fun stuff going on, looking forward to new content in the future. Here's a few things I've noticed, most of which have probably been reported, but in case they've been missed: EV2 Reflect Walls don't go down to the floor - Hex Throwers will throw under the reflectors, making placement annoying. The wall hit box should extend through the floor, even if the visual does not. Throwers should target the geometric center of defenses, not the "closest point". Gunwitch's flight-heal causes incredible framerate stuttering in combat. (my specs: i7-5820K, 24GB RAM, GTX 1070... it's not my rig :P)Most of EV2's weapons feel terrible. I loved the visual of the Grid launcher, but it was so slow, I couldn't use it. The game is too fast paced for super slow weapons. Adding insult to injury, the super slow weapons don't feel like they hit harder, if that was the intention. They just feel like voluntary handicaps.The trial specific mobs are too punishing to new players. Doing C6 without EV2 is almost pointless. Playing against Assassins makes Sparkle Party mandatory until you overgear them. Blockades are super important early in a trial and almost irrelevant later. Shard Swapping is too awkward in a game that can involve lots of frequent upgrades. Shards should be assigned to a slot, not to an item. Pet leveling is hideous. It's not clear what causes pets to gain levels (having them active when a wave completes? Do they have a hidden XP bar?) People want to collect pets... so don't make leveling them so bad of a grind. And make their red bar (happiness? I forget the name) an XP bar instead of just a discrete set of levels.Let all the pets in a deck level, just like heroes. If not completely, let them leech a percentage of the xp gained. The Hero/Inventory UI needs a way to show players what their towers/abilities do on mouseover. I had to constantly go to the Create Hero menu to remind myself what the different abilities and towers were. Exploders are too punishing. In some stages on C7, the spawners are in line of sight to the sub-objectives. As soon as the Kobolts come out, they bumrush the sub, meaning I have to babysit that spawner. Mobs flying out of the lane is gross, but manageable. Mobs flying out of the lane and one-shotting defenses or subs is super gross. More buff/debuff indicators would be awesome. If not on every mob, at least on bosses and heroes. It's awkward feeling like I have to use Lash Out on cooldown regardless of how much time might be still on the poison to try and make the most of Dark TormentLady Orc aggro isn't great. Sometimes they get to the walls between taunt pulses, which makes them ignore it. They also have a tendency to push each other over or past walls (I also suspect the Obelisk bubbles them and when the bubble pops, they land on the other side of the wall). The crystal is too weak at higher Trials. By the time you notice a Lady Orc has slipped past your defense, you've lost the round. Randomness in the game needs love. Yesterday, I did 5 or 6 C7s - got the same two maps over and over. Went to reroll a pet to try and proc Sparkle Party and three times in a row I got a choice of Encouragement or Gato Fireworks. Players don't want random - they want the appearance of random, which often means "Select 1 ball at random, then remove that ball before selecting again"Siege Roller rocket damage is too high and too hard to avoid. You deal with it, because you have to, but it's not fun. It's crappy to get hit, try to heal, only to get hit immediately again. Siege Rollers coming down steps will instantly destroy blockades at the bottom of those steps. Rollers on steps is awkward anyway, spawners with steps should ban rollers from spawning.Weapon Manufacturer is still too strong. Swapping out for monk auras is a handicap until you upgrade the auras, which is a pain in the butt, and costs mana you want to use on other things. The new defense color indicators are a good start, but I think you can go further. Don't turn the def yellow until it's < 75%, Red at < 50%, blinking Red < 25%, and if a defense gets to 10%, make a "ping" with an audio indicator. A PANIC shard could be useful for players trying new shards: If a Block drops to 10%, Freeze everything in front of the block for 1-5s, giving players a chance to salvage the situation. Remove the cooldown on hero summoning animations when not in combat. They're so cool, I want to see them more often. At least let us toggle it if it annoys some people. Think about instituting weekly events to encourage different defense uses. Like, one week, give the Training Dummy +1000% HP and the Blaze Balloon +500% damage or something. Or give certain towers special temporary abilities like the Flame Tower is Frost Fire, occasionally freezing enemies or the Reflect Walls occasionally open a portal, summoning a Djinn for 10 seconds. Outside the box stuff. Essentially, I really want to fiddle around with other towers, but I'm disinclined to do so because setting up a full map on a trial and then losing on wave one because I tried to use something other than WM is frustrating. Let us have more than one Deck. It's awesome we can swap between heroes, but having to change the hot keys on heroes doesn't feel great. Let me set a Builder Deck and a DPS Deck. Or an Out of Combat Deck and an In Combat deck. Still only 4 heroes each, but potentially different heroes. Anyway, I'm having a lot of fun. Hope these suggestions give you guys some food for thought. Looking forward to future updates.
  2. If literally any of that is true, it's a bug. This patch just updated some backend server stuff to reduce the likelihood of infinite loading screens. I know it seems trivial, but it would be awesome if you guys posted whenever there's an update. More info is always better than less info.
  3. For what it's worth, I'd like to see build effects less tied to exactly one weapon. It's been mentioned in the past by various individuals, so it must be a known issue inside Trendy: the builds are so strong, people are VERY disinclined to to drop a weapon, even when that weapon would be a significant upgrade over the build weapon, if you exclude the build effects. Purge Evil is a prime example. I have only seen one Purge Evil weapon in the time I've been playing. It's got pretty crappy stats relative to the other polearms I've had drop for me, especially with the changes to weapon attack (all the weapons we had on our toons after the introduction of weapon attack effects rolled zeros... so that was awesome). But, as a solo player, Purge Evil is core to my setup right now. And I like the way it works for me. So I just can't get an upgraded polearm for the Monk. Builds were an interesting addition to the game, but instead of adding variety, it created pigeon-holed gearing. I never used Frost Towers before the build (well, mostly never). Now I can't imagine building without them. Wall Squire is critical to progressing in NM, so I don't get to use his other towers at all (because my gear is all DH/HH). Reiterating what posters above have said - build weapons should be more easily farmable. Not necessarily easy to obtain - you need to be able to clear whatever the challenge is that is needed - but if you can do it, there should be a reasonably well defined path to upgrading the weapons you have as you move up in difficulty. Failing that, the build effect needs to have a chance to roll on higher level weapons. The Halloween weapons, for example, are useless if you're using the build effects. I can't use the Pumpkin bow if I depend on the poison explode effect. I would even be satisfied with a Major/Minor effect. If you get the Malthius staff, you get 400% explode damage, but if you get Purge Evil rolled on a better weapon, it might be a Minor Purge Evil, and only provide a maximum 200%. If I'm being perfectly honest, I liked builds best when the first build was uncovered and the staff effect wasn't widespread. You got the damage buff aura from the gear, which was cumulative with the more pieces you had. You didn't NEED the weapon, cause the gear effect was already good. The Monk build NEEDS the weapon. Giant serenity auras are useless if you don't have the weapon. If this were my game, I would remove the weapon build stat and make the big, bad build effect a scaling part of a build GEAR SET. For every piece of "Karma" gear you have on, Purge Evil increases by 50% of the Monk's DP. You need a minimum of 3 pieces to get Purge Evil to work. If you have 6 pieces of Karma, you get an extra boost. If you don't use 6 pieces, you can have 3 pieces of Karma and 3 pieces of some other build and have both effects, though at the cost of having each effect less effective individually. This would let players swap gear out for minor upgrades without having to abandon a build until they found a better item... or force them to use a lesser quality item for a long time (I still have a 35% Frost Power item that's like ilvl 112 or something - I recognize that's a bug, but it illustrates my point).
  4. Great to see they're working again! But the blurred screen? That's gotta go. Yikes. Maybe put up the downtime notification prompt, and then, after a few seconds, minimize it into an icon in the corner that's like an exclamation point in a triangle. Have this stay up the whole time. That way, users can click the triangle to see what the "issue" is.
  5. So, in a game characterized as "Alpha", you found a bug, and this made you rage so hard, you felt the need to post an "I'm quitting" on the forums? Superlative work. Oh, and don't use 'gay' as a pejorative. Are you 12 years old?
  6. It ruined the game? The whole game is ruined because this monthly quest irritates you? Christ on sale.
  7. Is your ego really so fragile that you have to brag about exploiting a bug and then try to justify yourself? I thought you were leaving? Don't you have Pokemans to look after?
  8. 1. Repairing "through" the back of a blockade sucks. My block is about to go down, of course I don't want to repair the 89% aura in front of it. 2. The small goblin bomb lobbers jump off to the side too much. The premise of a tower defense game is not that the AI is very sophisticated, it's that they come in ceaseless waves. They should not be avoiding defenses. These stupid little fodder goblins keep jumping off into the 5% of the lane that isn't actively covered by an aura or trap or whatever.
  9. There's been a handful of issues recently that have gotten some handwaving during the live stream that are actual issues. I know there are priorities, and there's probably bugs for a lot of these things in the QA system for them, but it would be nice to see them treated a little more... robustly when asked about on the stream. Just about every stream, there's a question that is relevant to an issue I've personally noticed that doesn't really get addressed properly. I'm hoping you guys are at least going back and looking at them after the fact. The two right off the top of my head are: - Gold costs: the costs for everything that requires gold is out of hand since the last patch. Recognizing that people gain gold at different rates, stuff like spheres and first level upgrades on costumes should be aimed at casual player targets and not at the people who grind for hours a day and need a gold sink. You need to have better gold sinks for high performance players. Spheres in particular should not be the place you want players to dump gold - that puts a barrier up for casual players who want to experiment with builds. Look at every MMO that charged an arm and a leg in game currency for talent systems - backlash and eventual nerfs. Most of the MMOs I played over they years made talent costs trivially small or actually zero after a time, because they are a core gameplay mechanic and should not be a limiting factor to player performance based on their in-game income. If nothing else, hotfix a reversion of the Sphere gold costs. - Mobs passing barriers: This one is a particular annoyance to solo players. Most mobs are correctly taunted by the blockades. Sometimes, though, a mob will just walk right past the damn thing. And I'm not talking about "oh, the block is way to the left and this mob happens to be way to the right. I noticed it yesterday on Gates. I had a block in the middle lane, that was working fine. Orc chicks come out and one walks right past it and to the crystal without even giving it a second glance. Some mobs have a... tenuous relationship with the geometry of the things. On Liferoot, I often see the skeleton special boss implausibly squeeze himself between a block and the wall of the map. It's possible, as we saw yesterday from Butters' play, to knock mobs up and over blocks. In a similar effect that is in no way player related, Quibley will jump the blocks himself. How much fun is that? And then there's mobs who squeeze themselves between walls and blocks and hammer away on the backsides. The Orc chicks do this CONSTANTLY. I'm assuming that's caused by the orc chicks initially ignoring the threat of the wall only to be "re-taunted" and turn back around. It's great that the wall eventually catches it, but when you're using attrition defenses like auras and traps, they're now standing in a "safespot" and require me to pepper them down. Tedious to do solo. Unmentioned so far, but while I have you on the hook: NM mob healing can suck it. I can have a setup (keep in mind, this is solo again) that's working great the whole map. But suddenly two Witherbeasts hunker down and I can't kill them, and I can't kill anything around them. Add trollblood and mages to the mix and now it's just a matter of waiting to run out of mana for block repair before I lose. I like the challenge of NM and I recognize that solo is a hard thing to balance in the context of the game as it currently stands. But there's enough threat without the raw irritation of spending 15 minutes to kill 10 mobs after the first 150 of them are long dead because they are constantly healing themselves. One potential solution is to make mobs that can heal be unable to take healing. That would at least afford me the ability to kill the witherbeasts before turning to the high-damage mobs... instead of just hoping I can catch the mobs with a well timed stun and burn them down in between heals. Food for thought.
  10. The sphere prices were raised to astronomical levels in the last patch. It's a real pain in the chops right now. In fact, can we please get a comment on this from Trendy? People have been talking about it since the A&B patch, and you keep waving it off on the dev stream "blah blah blah economy". 1 large sphere would empty my coffers. Gold is given with a teaspoon. I'm sure there's a plan.... somewhere, but why would you have made this change without any other supporting effects? We should be grinding for gear, not for "talents". I even consider it ok to make the "unique" spheres expensive, but the rest of them should not be. And that's not even including the cost of upgrading costumes, pets and enhancing items. Please don't make us wait a month and a half before you change the prices, making all of us empty our gold reserves in the meantime, only to have you quarter the prices again. It's REALLY frustrating.
  11. Please explain how "the TIB was being used in a lot of unintended ways." I'd like to know what the intended ways were for it, because what I did with it (use it to gather all loot from the ground after each game, sort, then sell), is the only way I really saw a use for it. I'm not sure how it could be used for anything else. Their intention is that inventory management is a non-trivial part of the gameplay. Not picking up anything, and then going into the TiB and picking out the items that are interesting, while the rest of it just gets sold, is counter to their plans for how players interact with items both in the world and in their inventory. Not picking up items during game play is unintended. Auto-selling 99% of items without user interaction is unintended. I know this because these are the two things primarily changed by introducing the Scavenger. And also because they said as much on the stream. The intended purpose of the TiB was overflow space. You picked up too many items and had no more room. But those items could be valuable, so you don't want to auto-sell or lose them, so they go to the TiB. With the TiB, inventory space was effectively pointless. You just let everything go to the TiB, cherry pick the 10-15 items you wanted from the run and everything else goes to the black void. I don't personally believe the Scavenger was the right solution for the problem, but I can certainly see why he was introduced and what kind of behavior they are trying to drive.
  12. With no Hero Deck you can play as you want, if you enjoy being limited, OK it's your choice, but me and alot of ppl here want to try all variety of builds and play DPS at the same time. No one enjoys being limited. The point of the hero deck is to keep the game balanced and challenging, not because they believe some fraction of the player base likes to play with one arm tied behind their back.
  13. But if you only offer the kids table, then the hardcore players will get bored and go play other games that give them a proper challenge. The only way to keep both groups in the same game is for the casuals to accept that there are players who are better than them. Onslaught mode shows some promise as an ultimate challenge mode similar to Diablo III's greater rifts, but it still needs some work. Some properties I find especially enticing about GRifts are that a single run is relatively short and I have the option to save my progress for later with the keystone. I can even have multiple keystones at once. Hardcore players in every genre make up the lowest percentage of total players, but end up taking the most development time to satisfy. Trendy is spending pretty much all their time working on builds - that you can't have until nightmare, tuning nightmare, gathering feedback on nightmare, itemizing nightmare. I don't necessarily believe that's a wrong strategy per se, but it's important that everyone have a sense of perspective. If Casuals progress smoothly and are then suddenly presented with a wall, they'll leave. Quickly. We saw it happen with Wildstar. "oooh, it's a hardcore game, casuals can suck it, 40 man raids soo hard". And then everyone bailed because they spent so much time ***ing around with their hardcore idiocy, they didn't bother to make the rest of the game playable. Personally, I think it's ok if people who are currently "at end game" get bored. Let them go away and come back later. Or play less frequently, or whatever. If all of Trendy's time is spent dealing with nightmare issues, the casuals will not adopt the game, and it won't make money. I think Trendy needs to just suck it up and tell everyone that the game is going to be "gear wiped" before release. And possibly before Beta too, depending on their road map. Let people keep their lvl 50's, but make them grind out the gear again. That way, they can overpower Nightmare for a while, Trendy can fix stuff based on their internal priorities and not based on what problem is causing the most sobbing on the forums, they can wipe the gear and say "ok, here's the stuff we fixed. Try again for a while, let's see how it goes."
  14. Yeah, that's what the "needle in the haystack" thread hit on very well. How would you suggest we address this? I'd love to hear your thoughts. :) You need to really look at how you're itemizing gear. Understand that most stats suck from the player perspective. Any stat that doesn't give us offensive power will be seen as terrible. The resistance stats? They're extra special terrible. Builders have, essentially, one stat: DP. DPS heroes have Hero power and AP. I don't really believe you're going to be able to make crit something people are going to stack, so it'll never be a primary stat. The VAST majority of gear people see drop right now doesn't have DP on it at all. Which feels like a bug, by the way. It's anomalously absurd how little DP drops across the board. But even if it was distributed normally - there's no variety in the gear at all. If you restrict builds to NM, that means players will have 1 stat to work with until the endiest of endgame - DP. Imagine this from the solo perspective: you cannot solo the game with just a DPS hero. So you need to have a good builder. Take away build gear and you just have players grinding DP. Why is this different from grinding DS (excluding the part about DS causing the animations to go weird)? The passives were a good idea to add variety to the game. A good idea that you smothered to death with a pillow by suggesting only end game players will be allowed to use them. That's the kind of design change that would make me give up - dangle this really cool idea and then lock it off for only but the top tiny X% of players. You guys said yourself that most people haven't even left Insane. That most people only have 1 hero. So why are you spending all your time and energy not only building, but hyping up stuff that you don't intend the population to even have access to? Here's how you correct this misstep. 1. Remove the crappy stats. Give players spheres to boost resistances for tanky toons. 2. Put DH or H on all the gear, in lower amounts. Don't try to make it something that takes up a primary stat except in very specific circumstances (like a trinket that gives you a TON of HH for tanks) 3. Figure out some other primary stat that helps tower performance that's not DS or crit. We need ways to boost our "effectiveness" without stacking one single stat to the exclusion of all others. 4. Add "minor builds" to the early game. You need to give players something interesting to strive for to collect pieces of gear at all levels of the game. Minor builds could be stuff that doesn't necessarily have VFX like the Phoenix but gives you a boost to help get over the humps. Like maybe a build that adds some AoE to physical towers. Make a minor build gives a boost to certain defenses if they are played together, like Frosty, except less dramatic and more specific - say a smaller variant of frosty that only works with traps or auras. You might even try stuff that counters specific enemies. Having trouble with spear throwers? Then seek out the minor build that reflects X% of your DP back to that specific enemy when it hits your towers. Whatever. Think outside the box. If the game is about stacking DP until you can blunt force your way into NM, then people will get bored quickly.
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