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  1. This seems like a new game to me. From what I see it doesn't look like dd1 but if it has those problems then oh well its free to play now. So you don't have to spend money but you spend time. This game just has a different look.
  2. For all of you sad it Is not coming to console guess what. You can build/buy a pc for cheaper then a console that will run the gameI am happy its not coming to console actually. Its the best news I've heard since the release. I find it refreshing and new. I hope they do good. My only issue is will it be featured in mlg?Lol
  3. are pets making a return? will there be character customization? or will that be the catch of f2p? those things will cost?
  4. I am under the impression you learned from before and no more console. I am excited about that part.
  5. This game has taken a serious turn. It was more original before now its get ready for that cookie cutter mold. When this game makes tournaments and mlg like LoL then it won't be the same definitely I promise that.
  6. i say everyone in this topic duped me. so now everyone is on the list right? lmao, come on ppl. That made me laugh. + 10 , haha you clown. Just don't trade. Keep your stuff with you at all time. You might get robbed.
  7. royal gardens? thats the one, Honestly I enjoy all the maps but I am using my survival experiences to say which one i like the least. all those wyverns are just crazy.
  8. Least favorite map is endless spires or that outside map I can't remember the name.
  9. So, been playing Dungeon Defenders for awhile now.. originally PS3 player, moved to PC, and now back to PS3 playing with my sister who's taken an interest in video games. The differences between the two are drastic. And it's hard to familiarize yourself with one, when you bounce back and forth. lol Anyway, my point of the thread is that I've been stuck on hard for quite sometime, and only selectively. I'm currently doing mass runs of Hard Ramparts because it seems to be the best bang for my buck. In terms of mana, armor/weapon drops of occasionally 40 upgrades or more. I'm just wondering if there is anywhere "better" (Mana gain, item drop rates, etc) that I should be running or if it's just a wait out the mana collection until I can afford to upgrade all my 40+ pieces and finally tip me over the insane thresh hold. I play a Tower Squire who's stats are: Health: 56 Attack: 150 Area: 64 Rate: 148 She plays DPS Huntress with similar stats: Health: 60 Attack: 154 Speed: 81 Cast: 47 On ps3, I am willing to come out of retirement to help you. I won't make it easy mode but I will make it fun mode.
  10. I wondered myself but I guess it doesn't matter.
  11. I think soul focusers are better. Lava beatles take more time to obtain. The lab is so easy, you could end it real fast.
  12. Sounds impossible and probably not worth trying. I guess the way to beat it, is to never try? Its impossible with your limitations. Maybe on xbox with the evil they conjure.
  13. Depends on how bored you can get. If you do mistymire first wave insane + you could get far fast imo but if you don't mind doing tedious driveling work and using multiple controllers. You can do Glitterhelm. Its best with 2 controllers in my opinion. If you do it really well you can get alot of exp. it just gets tiresome. I did it for like 6 hours once when I use to play this game. After you get to your desired level. Mines was 78 at the time . You want to take a break for a long time or at least I did. so I would normally go play a rpg to relax from the grind :P lol I love grinding but I can only go so far.When I use to play.
  14. Ninja's and Wyverns on insane+. Wyverns more because sometimes they shoot stray fire balls which ruin perfect runs. Ninja's because sometimes they get stuck and destroy on insane +.
  15. I keep getting noobs coming in my tavern asking me to get them to level 74. My question is: Should I? I don't mind doing it at all, but the voices inside my head tell me (among other things) "Don't do it, you're ruining the game for them." So... Should I? My honest opinion from what I see here, you're kindness is actually a weakness. You aren't ruining the game for them but you are ruining their will to play 2 ways either they will play to level on their own or when you say no they will just quit or after you level them up they will just quit the game. People are weird, They like to leech and quit. I know because I played various mmorpgs, and online games. When you help people level up they eventually quit, when you don't they still quit anyway. I wouldn't help them just because I am not going to spend countless hours on someone who isn't going to be grateful or just end up quitting. But do what you think is right,And sometimes Saying no is better than lending a hand. Trust me.
  16. Out of the posts I've read this seems to be the first that isn't attacking me lol. But I feel the same way. This isn't a triple A title so I know I shouldn't be expecting much, but one of my huge pet peeves is games that suck you in so easily at the beginning but then end game seems to have very little thought put into it. In this game there is absolutely no new content after level 50, the more you level there's less and less gear that becomes useful, and so on. Combined with the problems with the game that keep surfacing over and over agian... Trust me I want to play the game it's awesome. But the more I play after level 70 the less I actually want to play. when I played I found joy in it but I didn't enjoy certain aspects and went back to playing monster hunter and pokemon. I got tired of the brokeness and tedious grinding at level 78/80, I think leveling would be more fun if aquanos exp wasn't broken, its easy and fun to do but the exp is broken takes away from the experience for me.
  17. Magic 8 ball says: Try again later, Then it said "It has been decided"
  18. Grinding after 70 to 74, you're next armor/weapon/pet bridge is annoying and tediously boring. Doing solo runs of Glitterhelm on insane with 2-4 controllers is a chore and isn't fun after a while. Doing first wave insane + Mistymire is a chore as well, Reset,Kill,rinse,repeat. Its not fun to have to grind so hard. And I love to grind but some of the exp needed is just insanely boring for the limited content. In my opinion.
  19. For example, there is a character (or a bunch) in a fighting game that are really good but are over used, do you use the character or not? I hate entry games. If there are 10 games and the person isn't 10 years old. And they start at the last game because its the newest one and everyone is hyping the game up, I will not buy the game and dislike the game just because of the people who play it. I am weird like that. Thats why I never played skyrim, Most of the people never played a previous Elderscrolls but swear they are some hardcore fan but is a casual foolio. LOL, nah I am not that mean but I dislike hyped games that make people feel like they deserve it. Like in march Monster hunter is coming out for the WiiU, You will have a few people playing for the hype and not know or ever played a old game. I've played most of them and I get annoyed by people thinking they know everything when its their first game. lol I am a online snob tho so I don't count.
  20. Well at least they can do crystalline dimension with those high stats Good post, I wish I could give you Good rep on this website. LOL And one thing I learned about playing games online is Cheaters don't care, so any feelings or Honor you are looking for they will not respond to. Psn + promotion was cute but come on those people were"New" and what do new people do ? Either play legit or Cheat. There's a 3rd path but that path is just to ruin the game for others. You have solo cheaters then public cheaters who get joy out of scamming and blah blah blah, And if they came to the forums it would only reinforce their actions because they want a response. Yea when people don't take their things it may make them leave but if they can give it to their friends and friends friends, You taking it won't matter because its about them ultimately. You as a legit player or player in general mean nothing to someone cheating. GG.
  21. it isnt just aimed at ALL americans, but... as its ONLY america that has the events it was used as a whole nation who play, i know plenty who dont moan, but i also know lots that do... my comment was aimed at any american that does moan.... hence i never typed "why do all americans moan" Hence my post was a direct response to the OP.... am i still to presume your getting the wrong end of the stick or is it now understood Lol long live MARS!!!! but seriously I am in america never competed in a event. I entered the exp event didn't get picked off the strength of that I lost interest to play the game especially when I heard the exp event by accident gave more exp than they said. So that just made me feel bad but whatevers.
  22. Lol Negativity is negative. Goodluck trying to reanimate these forums unless. I only used them for 3 reasons and all 3 of those reasons are kinda gone. I do develop the urge to check in occasionally to see if anything new has happened but the feeling has been growing less and less. Its almost non existent. Goodluck.
  23. invest mana quicker for upgrades is a must LOL I am done.
  24. Host Jour own Libbies. (Host your own lobbies) This cuts down on kicking, Then you can kick the undesirables. I hate people who use to join and check chest and leave and drop the mana for me. Like dude Go do your own runs you loser. lol
  25. Huntress for afk and lazyness, Monk is super balanced excepted on pc where monk is actually the best imo, which I wish were true on ps3. apprentice is a little more attentive. squires are very attentive. Monks aren't that great on console.
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