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  1. I get dced from steam right before I get a ulti++ with perfect or near perfect stats and 480+ upgrades from a reward. Or atleast that's what I'm assuming and steam just doesn't want me to have it, sigh~
  2. I think hard cap is 2bil from afk shops. How about getting random really good stuff on the ground and upgrading it? Since you're doing magus you might be able to get transy and surpreme stuff like that.
  3. You can pick up everything good till your full and sell it when you get back to the tavern.
  4. We were seeing what does what, and it wouldn't let us stack any more than 2 types of tower buffs. Like buff beam or a guardain. Guardian and a monk boost. Always did what was it considered "better". Mostly becuase I don't think a monk gaurdain boost (had a low tower range boost) is better than the initiates (had over 2k), but nothing was better than the that buff beam xD. Guess it would make a lot of things much more easier if they stack more.
  5. Me and 2 friends were testing out some tower buff caculations, and a glitch happened where it let 3 buffs happen to a tower instead of just 2. Or two, we were looking at one of them. And the dps on nm reached over mil, 1.034mil and some numbers after that. I know it's a glitch, but it was an awsome few seconds before one of my friends ran out of mana or turned it off. It was male and female monk tower boost, and buff beam. Side rantish~ Which I think the female monk got the worst end of the tower buff since you have to be next to the character who put out the tower. And since most people change from tower character to dps character, useless most of the time for me. But yay, monster debuff.
  6. lol I can't even tell what that picture is XD Prob a piece of something they put in here as a generic placeholder. To trololololololololol us.
  7. Well, I enlarged it, took out the blur, and sharpend it a bit. And.... Idk. I'm not good at guessing what's what. Or I didn't clear it up very well. Sneak peak huh....
  8. I normally find some good tower weapons on the ground when I do a shard survival run after like wave 20 or so. You just have to keep doing it till you find it. The randomness kills. Or you can ask someone for a good one. You'll get a few trollers, but normally someone will come in eventually and help.
  9. Well, if I remember correctly. One of the patches when lv 93 came said that it raised the chance for high end drops, no know if it really meant anything since it said something about an event too. But it's still all based on luck, find a group of friends to do it with you so you can help each other get it? Is what I do.
  10. Hc? That 5% chance. PSH! I DO IT LIKE A REAL MAN! Hc is for yella bellies. YELLA BELLIES!!!
  11. my favorite screenshot is this MASSIVE clog - i lol'd Aw. There a party with the spiders, and I'm not invited. : ( Darn my soical standing with the arachnids.
  12. I never said they didn't like Thanksgiving. It just seems like they like other holidays better to me. Also, I was comapring the remodled maps, not the taverns. And I couldn't care less how they fix the tavern, just my preference. It just seems less worked on than the anniversity, and halloween map. I don't really know the reason. It could be just like you said and they wanted to tone down the decorations. That could be also why the challenge has less decoration than the halloween one, or it coudl be it's so big and they didn't want to much more on that map. It just makes me feel they like one over the other.
  13. The turkeys seem to spawn after you killed so many. If you can keep towers in an area or 2, killing them as they spawn there, you'll find out that there is a lot more time than you think.. You'll just have to think up a plan on how to do it. And on nm, your tower builder has to be very good, or else they'll go down fast. App lighting towers seem to work really well on this challenge, atleast for me. With the limited 50du and mu. It makes it so much harder to come up with a strategy that will work.
  14. free for whatever that is worth, and no reason to complain. Because it is free, people will complain more about it. I usually find it people want the world for free, but don't mind paying for cowpie. From my experience so far. The map is prety hard. And I find it nearly impossible to try to do this without towers. Seem like the game cannot handle this map very well and will lag. Then again, people have complained about this map lagging a lot anyway. The boss wave... Is... Meh. Atleast to me. I rather them have taken an orginal map and dress it up like they did for halloween. Seems like they just took a map and threw some festive stuff here and there, threw leafs everywhere, and sent it out. Compared to the halloween maps. Clearly, one holiday is favored over the other. Atleast, that's the way it seems to me.
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