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  1. Why does this happen. This has to be one of the most infuriating things EVER!!! I started Misty NMHC surv from the beginning, was on wave 28 when suddenly. Dungeon defenders disconnects me from trendy servers and starts to update. SERIOUSLY!!! This is dam ridiculous. It takes ages to setup and even longer to get there. At least let me finish what im up to before you make me update the game. basically 2 hours of my life wasted now. Cheers!
  2. Basically what he is saying is that overall the majority of the stats on the character are contributed by the gear. only a very small amount is due to the actual character. He was asking if this balance is wrong. To be honest i dont know. I feel like before all the expansions and dlc it was good but as the lvl cap has increased the points and things havent followed but i guess that is why the gear has increased so dramatically. If we now give characters more points it would just make the game easier which would suck
  3. I agree tbh people just find an easy reason to an argument an use it, rather than actually sitting a thinking for a few moments before they type. For me the summoner is perfect. Is means that i can bridge the divide between getting myths to getting trans gear as well as making getting multiple armor sets much easier rather than the chore that it is. Also by adding this character it in bridges the divide between the 'elite' group of people and 'newbies'. I think the 'elite' people are just raging because they are no longer on top of the DD world as people can now easily farm their own armor w
  4. I have recently just started having more than 4 characters in use during my builds. Unfortunately all the characters that i use are mixed up across the 3 pages of characters that i have. Does anyone know a way that i can move them into an order that i want?? I heard somewhere that holding alt then clicking on them and moving them would work but i have tried this and it hasnt worked for me. :( Is this something to do with me playing on a mac?? or just generally wrong?? Any help would be appreciated as i dont want to start fresh with my characters just to get them in the correct order.
  5. Where did he name him? There is no name on the screenshot Hence he didnt break any rules :D
  6. Yeah i agree with all of this. The shop system really needs a big overhaul. I think the idea of saying who is hosting the shop would solve a lot of the Defenderstore problems. As you dont actually need to add them on steam as you just select 'afk shop' button and it only shows active shops. The biggest problem is that people are constantly changing their shop names. This means finding a shop is near impossible. If the name of the host was actually shown then finding the related shop to the item you want would be much much easier as the person who put it on Defenderstore is listed. Wouldnt
  7. The only thing that i can really advise, is that you increase your stats of both you aura builder and you trapper. With the sharken out there good electric auras and gas traps are a must right now. Once you get them up to somewhere along to likes of 1k/1.2k/1k/1k you should be good to do Kandars build for misty surv. Im doing it with similar stats to you. Only difference is i use an active DPS monk as past wave 20 ogres start getting more problematic and require you to be active. Anyways good luck and let me know how it goes as im also stuck at around 2k stats.
  8. Finally someone that isnt complaining and *****ing on the forums. I understand that there are glitches and problems but still i agree with the OP. This is and awesome game and should be taken as such. Stop *****ing all the time and enjoy what a great game this is :D Great OP :D
  9. Yeah i do Misty solo and have exaclty the same problem as Ngamok. Though i think this is mainly due to my lack of dmg. Towers focus on the ogre that does nothing instead of aiming at the sharken that is about the charge it down and actually do dmg. They really need to change the targeting priorities to make sharken higher than ogres. Or just let the player set it themselves some how.
  10. Oo, the lightning towers is a nice idea. Never used them to much in my builds. always found the DU cost way to high on them. Otherwise just lvled up a dps monk with decent tower and hero boost which is helping me greatly so far. Still need to try out the dual screen as i think that will be one of the greatest helps Cheers all
  11. Wont get better gear but he asked about mana, OMF is the place to go Or do NMHC survivals. they give a nice 50+mil per wave at the later waves but indeed do take longer. But on the bright side you will get gear :D
  12. Cheers all for the swift, reply. Sounds like my monk need to be alot more active. I currently have like 700 tower boost and 400 hero boost on him so that should help out. But does having the monk as active still make sense considering you lose 30% dmg from the harpoons? Also what build do you use for ramparts?? I have heard lots of talk about it but never once seen an actual build Cheers for all the help and direction :D
  13. I have been farming misty for a while now and cant seem to get any better loot. Consistently get towave 20 misty NMHC surv but can get further due to the HP increase for the ogres. Also i play mainly solo so trying to defeat the boss on aquanos is out of the question. All i was wondering is, does anyone have any suggestions on where i should go next?? Im kind of lost and the progression is so confusing. Squire: 1k/1.8k/1k/1k EV: 1.4k/1.6k/1k/1k Monk: 1.2k/1k/1k/600 Traptress: 800/600/1k/600 Apprentice: 600/1.6k/600/1k All help would be appreciated.
  14. Seen all the great posts out there so thought i would try and give a bit back to the community. Here is what i use for shipwreck ruins and works perfectly I average stats and i was able to carry 8 people through this without any problems at all. Squire (active): 1k/1.6k/1k/1k Monk: 1k/1k/1k/1k EV: 1.4k/1.6k/1k/1k http://ddplanner.com/?l=5481,shipwreck-nmhc-low-ish-stats First wave: Place all western harpoons as well as 8/9 eastern harpoons plus anti air. During the wave place the final harpoon Second wave: Place everything else :D Just one note on placement. For the
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