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  1. I play on PS3. I noticed after it gave me the corruption message it said something like, "All Heros backup successful". So fortunately I do still have all my level 78 characters. I really do appreciate everyones help!! The Dungeon Defenders online community (in forums) are amazing. However, I'm still frustrated to have lost everything. As you all know, getting Tower Attack above 600 and health above 220 is tough on all build characters. Until I cool down I will be away from this game. As for now, I must save the world from the Apocalypse and prove my brother "War" was framed for starting it e
  2. Last week I sadly left DD for good. I've been grinding Morrago Desert for weeks now. And as we all know it can/will lagg out after you have completed the level. Well, it happened, again. This time when I logged in, I found my tavern completely empty. EVERY SINGLE one my level 78 build characters naked. All of my event items I've lost. All in which I've earned myself. I WAS an end game player, who ran public games, building for all those who like to join. It's a sad week for me to say I give up on this game. I'm useless in levels and would take me weeks to get these items back and never agai
  3. I swear if these events were not in place, I think I'd loose interest in this game. I had fun trying to build a DPS Squire for the week. And I love Ramparts! Its definently one of my favorite levels. Thank you Event Team for coordinating all this. We do appreciate your hard work and organization. Keep it up. You all rock!
  4. I've been farming for Lazor Robots also. I havent tried the throne room yet. But so far I've received nothing over level 40 from Alch Lab.I've ran this at least 8 times. I did however find one in the tavern that has 86^ but no extra projectiles. I'll try and farm Throne room a couple times and see what I come up with. Good Luck
  5. A big thanks to Deathdealer1887 for being a great host! He's a very chill guy despite the intimidating name :sharken: . Event was fun, quite a challenge being a monk for me. I fell off the last two rounds in the middle of the waves. Thanks too Nasty's power squire towers, he was able to be the last man standing! Hellllllloooo LiL Carnage!! Maybe eventually they're be a full set throughout future events.. ?!?!?!
  6. Took the time to sorta re-create the build! I think this is it for the most part! Enjoy and Good luck! http://ddplanner.com/?l=6882,aquanos-insane-build I just tried the set up last night on hard. A Sharken got through in the middle lane, destroyed the cystal last wave And for some reason I had left over units so I build some harpoons where the sharken got in. Still no good. I'll alter this build and return when successful
  7. I had a T-26 but it was a dupe :( But it was fun having it for a week! So what's the max you can have on projectile damage?
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