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  1. "Ohh I agree! but the current system is no different I fully gear my new characters in like 3-4 hours. Sure it isn't perfect gear, but it only takes 3-4 hours for me to not see another upgrade for another 200-300 hours. " this. no need to say more
  2. I suppose coming at this from a solo build standpoint only 1 builder may be boring. I suppose there has to be a line drawn somewhere though where trendy either supports more group play or solo play. As it stands, it already is more or less solo play with three people who are just there. Im more for the party playstyle. If the game had an actual way of forming groups and finding games, other than yelling in a public tavern, rewarded group play with increased items in some fashion while increasing difficulty, not just raised hp, and had a better rp system for fewer characters to play at one time
  3. I think i understand. I think what Paradox is looking for is finding a way to amp up the RPG elements of the game. By limiting character swaps and replacing it with more interesting and viable skills per playable role, people can grow attached to a specific playstyle or character. With this, each map might feel a little more different every time as opposed to the same type of set up on every map with just a difference of where the towers are dropped.
  4. No requirements, just have fun. Good group of people.
  5. well lets see # of possible upgrades are all within like 8 upgrades of each other... Each tower stat on each piece is within 8 stat points of each other... other than that last piece which is only slighty more off. the number of upgrades currently on each one is super close to each other... So we're saying this guy found nearly EXACT replicated tower pieces of the same set? NOPE
  6. upgrade trans that have multiple good stats for towers, that might last you a while. Other trans that maybe only have good tower damage don't upgrade at first, leave time for supremes to just fill in the gap.
  7. i can say that it did happen to me one time. When i started this game over a year ago and getting runs through glitterhelm for exp, we'd go from the game, back to his tavern, back to do another run. After a while, however, things started looking funny to me in his tavern. His items on the ground were all floating waay into the air. I just figured it was a bug on my end. Then we did Glitter again. We start the game and look up and wouldn't you know it, all the items that were in tavern were half visible in the air, even the item box. Granted i couldn't interact with these things, but i didn't
  8. i'll keep it short. Waaaay too much coding for a game they're pretty much done with. they may add some maps here and there, but sad to say something like this would take too many personnel and money and hours for this. While i agree, Rng sucks, it's pretty much like that with almost any game you play.
  9. i've found that 26 and prior yield higher results, since after that i've seen more trash than anything, what with the rollovers start being more predominant after that.
  10. i'll keep it short. Too much work for a game they're moving on from. That, and i'm finding your explanation of what you want kinda confusing...
  11. i found out pretty fast... because i got tired of it too pretty quickly wheni first started
  12. Yeah I know Ensarne also helps... but my point is, they cant kill it. The only thing in the game (No dlc of course) that can kill them reliably is the Electric aura, and Yourself. It dosnt matters if you are very skilled player, you just quite simply cant be in 3 different places in the map at once... You just simply cant... No matter the stats, no matter the personal skill level, its just completly impossible... The fact than in your example there was 3 people playing have A LOT of adventage. Even if they had crap gear, they could still take down the copters because they can actually b
  13. Copters are just mostly unbalanced in Campaign maps. They're adding a mob that wasn't made to have those mobs in that map, Trendy ruined the original NM campaign. well exactly that, those maps weren't build with the sight that hey, maybe this game will really take off and we'll have to make dlc for people. But i mean hey, who can blame them? A tiny little team puts together their first game, i'm sure i wouldnt have thought it would happen if i was in their place. With the new mobs creating a tough environment with the classic maps, lets cut trendy a little bit of slack on that.
  14. somebody just has to calm... down... deep breath there buddy. As far as copters taking all of your attention, it was that way with every single implementation of a new mob in the nightmare difficulty. With spiders, everybody had to overcompensate their builds at first for spiders. Same for djinn. Same for sharken with the necessity of gas. So yes, it has been the same as the others. Was it as quick a fix in the build like spiders or sharken? no. But i'm glad because well it really shouldnt be. I mean if it was, well then you'd only think about ogres again(quick insert, copter ogres have hi
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