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  1. Thanks for the responses; in general; people agree that it's less fun to play when a wall could fly of the board at any moment. Even the people that aren't all the way agreeing with my post are admitting to cutting back hours. The fun has been reduced, bottom line. Just an FYI: We're using a combination of ensnare, EV walls, buff beams on all towers, etc. Misty is the latest one we've been working with and we can go to rnd 12 some games, 20 others, it all depends on when the random; "welp, wall just slid off the bridge hanging over the river in mid-air and some crap got through; game ove
  2. Last week a patch was put in where walls are getting kicked off to the side and you lose. I personally know tons of players quitting the game. It has become completely pointless to run a survival game, because at any point, a wall willl be kicked aside and the game with end. Trendy; we enjoy this game, this problem is losing you players at an exponential rate. You need to fix this immediately before 80% of your PC users are gone forever. This and the incredible lack of decent armor (even in the 20+ rounds of NMHC) are the 2 worst things that have happened to DD in a long time (if not
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