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  1. OH nevermind im so noob loL! i forgot it actually disabled the real xbox controller!! :D it just emulates it hahaha
  2. This always has worked for me : http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?55973-Better-XBOX-Controller-emulation Haven't played for months though With or without the plugin my xbox controller doesnt seem to be working, in any way, main menu, hero select. And yes controller works outside this game. So i revalidated game, files were missing, Still didnt work, Deleted entire game, redownload. Xbox controller now works... WITHOUT plugin. Now I try plugin again... and. tada... DOESn't work anymore! controller doesn't respond to anything.. Could someone please help me out here.
  3. I heard that it doesnt matter and if you finish a map on nightmare you finish it on all previous difficulty. That's also why u get medal for each diificulty.
  4. Unlocked: Jul 23, 2012 10:35am Dungeon Defender Completed all levels on Insane! Congratulations Brave Dungeon Defender! So I just got that achiev but it still says I need to beat levels on insane??? doesnt seem right?? Anyone know what im supposed to do? I can do survival on all maps. These are the one's I have left: Daredevil Earned Skin of Your Teeth Award on 6 Missions The Crown of the Beast Completed all Area 3 levels on Hard From Fire with Brimstone Completed all Area 1 levels on Insane Through The Crowded Keep Completed all Area 2 levels on Insane
  5. I think we experienced a bug were the ogres summoned by the summoner went aggro on our crystal and we lost.. this was on survival nm aquanox.. 95% sure I alttabed in and saw crystal ogres hitting our crystal for 2 seconds.
  6. Thanks a million! this seems to be the case!!! :D I LOVE U
  7. Anyone? I'd really like to be able to co-op on my pc. Btw I have an 42 inch plasma screen @ 1080P. Maybe that has to do with interface issue?
  8. Also I must note that when the xbox controller player joins the screen is black and doesn't see anything.. I can hear hero selection sound though when I move analog, when I press A he joins. + when in tavern I hit the dummies, the damage figures aren't showing when he joins. Something is up with the interface! Like I said I checked game and resetted to default settings in dundefconfig but nothing works :( I need to ctrl alt del to do anything after he joins because I can't exit/join games like that.
  9. I didn't. And I tried ur suggestion but it's still the same! Could you tell me how you are supposed to be able to log out xbox controller player from pc after joining? And is it normal you can't see escape menu?
  10. So you can drop items on your tavern and they are saved like itembox? What is the limit of items you can drop in your tavern? And if there isn't you could just pump your tavern with thousands of items?? Also it seems you can use your shop aswell for item storage, what is the item limit here? Thanks!
  11. So I press start on my xbox controller to join for co-op.. Screen splits like it's supposed too.. Then when I press escape nothing shows but I cant move my charachter anymore, it's like the menu is there but you can't see it. Also you can't leave once joined? Or if so how can you leave the xbox controller charachter so screen goes back to normal? Disconnectin xbox 360 controller doesn't work... Hope someone knows.
  12. Was on magus quarters NM HC survival mix mode wave 17 ... lost connection.. Everything lost!!! WTF trendy,,
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