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  1. Verified files, and reinstall - dosent help exclusilvly opend ports - dosent help setup an VM it looks better, but since i cant share my GPU through the VM it is really, really laggy --> not playable :S i already opend a ticket (including a video of my problem) but no awnser yet - i hope i still get some
  2. I was also a bit confused about the .blob file. But when i checked on my PC (which have the micro stuttering) also dont have the .blob and gives the same error message
  3. Hello i have 2 problems, Problem 1: After an match or 2 matches the game start with micro stuttering? / micro lags. I still have the whole time 50FPS+ I played the game in release state / early access without an problem. ~8moths ago i started again and stopped after a few matches because of the micro lagging. I had to restart the game after each match. Now i upgraded my Rig and reinstalled my OS - still the same Issues. I already tried google / reddit for search but i didnt find any solution. Problem 2: Since i also have a Laptop i tried to start it on the laptop, but the game are just
  4. Hello i have the problem, when i join a public match and leave it (from tavern) because the host is afk.. again.... then i cant start a private match or find a new purblic game. I hit the button find Group or private but nothing happens.
  5. water + frost --> freezes the enemy. (any water tower, then enhance on a weapon with frost dam) or like area effekts (from the map, which affect the player aswell the mobs) water + fire = steam (the combination i really loved from magicka ;) ) specialy for DD example: an Cannonball tower shoot an ball, it roil in an area terrain (oil) --> negative for the ball, it just "slick" away on the enemy, but when it is oil on the ball and it reach fire: A HOLY BIG FIREBALL ROLLING DOWN THE MOBS AND JUST BURN THEM DOWN AND ROLL OVER YEAH!!!!!!!! Cannonball on an snow underground, it wi
  6. dont forgot the "dragon" things... which shoot 3 fireballs @ once... this things are FREAKING CRAZY!
  7. bump :-) now some1 online from TE?:P
  8. iu know its WE, so it would be NICE; not an must.. ;) and maybe some1 are bored and watching forums ;)
  9. bump... an awnser from TE would be nice :-)
  10. i also osted it... i just make a new thread.. and hope !!! :)
  11. GD, plz make it that u can DISABLE the BS autoaim, this ****s me up... always when ninjas jump on me, or any other thing come to close, the hunter start aiming for it... - nice idea, but STUPID!!!- because the size of the weap.. ---> no dam..
  12. Okay, i easy break wave 17, 18,(insane...) etc.. until i get distracted and somethings leak (the awesome ninja skelletons.... attacks form nowhere ...):P, i just want to know how YOU do always insane survival... i and my mates always use only monk auras + hunter traps, and all works fine , ALWAYS if we use App Tower, or squire tower we get whipes do pretty fast.... so i just want to know, are we just **** @ building wiht app / sqiure or is it generaly...? :=)
  13. nvm,... search funktion = WIN!
  14. how about :warrior::ogre: or :ogre::kobold: ?xD the new boss: :dragon::kobold: u have to kill him before he do it by his own!
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