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  1. hello i having a probelm, dredd send me a invite and my ps3 froze when i accepted it. now i can't join him cause the invite disappeared. could someone help me please
  2. Well my friend want me to try get my stuff back so if anyone generous enough to donate some stuff to me i will be eternally gratful Psn tyreik_123
  3. Well it time for me to quit ^_^. Cause I just got corrupted And loss all my event pet that i mostly earn and my 78 chicken gomez so to all the people that help me in my time of need like my friend nakal. stay cool and keep doing what you do peace!
  4. Sorry i was typeing this on my phone while eating some food never check spelling LOL
  5. Thank goodness your not fully leaving the game i never got the chance to drop by and do some run with you i will take anything that left over psn tyreik_123
  6. Whats up guy it tyreik_123 here well my blast from the pass was when cleaning out my inbox i found my old weapon from like the last two patchs ago(when level cap was 78 i think) it had 74 up random drop sword for 74 y friend gave me. and the other thing my chicken gomez that i got before the first patch had a wopping 78 upgrade he took forever to level up since the mana max was 15 million and the mana glitch was still a myth. Well that my blast from the pass so post and tell me yours ;-) edit: if you want to know more about how i level up my chicken or tell if you want more threads like
  7. hey it say i got a invite and didn't response but, i response to it like 5 time please help psn tyreik_123
  8. I can't make the event later my psn is tyreik_123 and i put do for anytime . cause i going to get lunch with a friend at 11:45 eastern standard time so if possible just put me at the back of the list if not thats okay
  9. Yeahhhhh i just got a 1\1 smallist size green lightsaber from boss rush insane + my luck rule _
  10. I was bored so i got on i did three run one on portal defense, one moraggo and one aqunos my portal defense i had four afk and got a 70 gliave for 83, and a 65,85, and 88 gliave for 78 my moraggo one i had one afk and got a 135 oculus for 74 and a 120 crsknife for 74 Then my luck died and i got in aquanos a 1\1 triton and a 1/10 aronox which i happliy drop into the lava at glitterhelm So post how much luck you have and have a nice day _
  11. Malik and tyreik where twins psn tyreik_123 Anytime. where on spring break that week _
  12. Could i join if possible psn tyreik_123
  13. Sign me up please tyreik_123 I can see if i could make it 5:00 to 8:00
  14. I can't wait for the awesomeness dude tyreik_123
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