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  1. Hard to tell when so many hero stats are covered up. If that hero damage is -250 it's worth less than if it's +350 my bad, the hero stats are:280, 480, 207 (the ones that are blocked)
  2. I just got it running kathirkikrithirhik jungle or however you spell it lol. p.s. its my first time running this map, friend carried me through it :D
  3. Nick, I've known you for 3 months and just because we haven't talked the past week or so I don't think it means our friendship has lessened in any way. Look man, we've been friends since the console days, and I wish you alot of luck, and sometimes I would just wish me, you, Dalton, and Ian could all get in a skype call and talk. I wish you the best of luck while you serve your time for our country and I have the upmost respect for you. I hope you stay safe, and Nick, God bless you man.
  4. 1. Your real name Felipe 2. Your age? 17 as of 08/06/12 3. Birthday! ^ 4. You live? Connecticut 5. Current job? None but I was supposed to get one at the library >_> 6. Dream job - why? Stripper...why? because being a stripper is amusing. 7. Hobbies interests? Soccer, Lacrosse, video games...EATING 8. have you achieved everything you wanted from life? nop 9. How do you feel right now? - why? chillen, bout to go to north carolina :D
  5. Well, the story is that we have a group of friends, 3 including me, and one of my friends that has been eyeing Dungeon Defenders would be the perfect person to add to that group, so that is why I'd like to get the code. :)
  6. i love all of you my little sexy minions MWUAHAHAHAHA
  7. Its my birthday :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d
  8. no more console bro? Not sure, might come for dat patch...you're sexy btw
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCdmiZyyGjQ Edit: This is mainly for Drifters...I love you man
  10. :summoner::summoner::summoner::summoner::summoner::summoner::summoner::summoner::summoner::summoner::summoner::summoner::summoner::summoner::summoner::summoner::summoner::summoner::summoner::summoner::summoner::summoner::summoner::summoner: so epic
  11. Yeah, I just decided to take the easy way out and reinstall steam. I appreciate the help though Hitmon.
  12. It says I have to remove all compatability properties from steam but i have no idea how...help me?
  13. Sorry to break it to you, but NexusAlpha found it first. Was posted on the first day bro, heres the link: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?69515-Oh-developers-you-so-funny-)
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