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  1. hmm the monk weapon the same as halloween reward Maybe u can get something cool for the challenge? I dont have time to try but if anyone has done it I would like to know. Also i love the Santa Beard:D
  2. I got a Trans Santa Hat. IT'S LIKE TF2 AGAIN! No hero attack, but positive Hero HP, and Ability 2. Pretty nice. Nice!
  3. My friend got off but here is my crappy beard. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=114827191
  4. anyone got screenshot of what the weapons are http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198063080853/screenshot/903235243715049757 Thats the wep i got.
  5. My friend got a 200^ myth acc Anyone got anything better? My Friend got lucky first time we beat it he got that. i will get a pic in a sec
  6. I did a redo in ranked trading place because i messsed up big time did know so many people would join in LOL here is the link,http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?85993-Thanks-Giving-Giveaway-redo!-Totaly-messed-the-first-one-up-xD
  7. You can start on wave 18 and still get the Sea horse at wave 20.
  8. If you want to beat the Kraken on NMHC. Best to just solo him. This keeps him from running all over and smashing towers. I use my Barb and just circle him, or use Huntress and turn invisible. Kraken can't see invisible Huntress. If you have a team, you need someone with a block weapon and powerful sea horse. Just have the person block, the rest wail away. Only found a team once to coordinate that though. Most are not prepared. For spider Queen. Just dump traps, archers where she lands. That normally keeps her in place, then hack away. Marrago, you just have to get good at finding those lamps. Sky City boss on NMHC is sort of like those side scrolling games where you memorize jumping patterns. Once you figure out where to get on the ship, where to jump off, what to dodge, have heal aura ready, the boss is really easy. the trick is to have enough DPS to make his Alarm sound every time before the ship rounds the corners of the building. I only have two characters that can do that. Playing Solo helps as it shortens the amount of damage before Alarm sounds. Mike. you remember no dmg tower, archers are kind in my opinion. I am just messing around with self set rules because i have beaten the game like a month ago month . And solo the kraken without a pet? I posted that i want to beat every map with half the du no dmg towers and no pet sorry for miss info i thought posting my stats would make it so people would know i was at the end game :/.
  9. That might be possible on original campaign. The nightmare mobs are not that tough. I am not sure about the Shard maps though. I had a bird issue on insane glitterhelm also, I run to one to kill them and have to get over to kill the other quickly. Gas traps and 3K walls should hold up just fine. Mike. The bosses are the problem for the shards map having no pet makes thing like the kraken or spider queen take forever to die. So I have to run around and heal everything with the kraken on my tail and he sends all the towers flying all over the place. lol I finished the normal campaign and i am happy with that. Maybe with more people your could do the shards but idk. Maybe I should try assault nmhc 1 and 3 without armor. Cant do 2 solo with the time they give you. Ryan. Oh yeah 5k is possible with the hero's now being able to skill hero stats up to 1k
  10. I want to beat every map on nmhc only using half of the du, with no dps towers and no pets.
  11. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198063080853/screenshot/939260235013682689 How do i fix this? I tried resetting 3 times and its the same ): edit: nvm i got it to work
  12. Xexon


    http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198063080853/screenshot/939260235013682689 Just got on today and cant see anything lol
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